Gupta Empire

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Post Guptas and Harsha

Pusyabhuti Family

  • Capital: Thaneshvar/Kannauj
  • Founder: Naravardhan
  • Prabhakaravarman: fourth King

Harshavardhan: 606 - 646

  • Title: Siladitya, Rajaputra
  • Territorial extent: Eastern Punjab, U. P, Bengal, Orissa and even tried beyond Narmada checked by Pulkasin II
  • Outside his Empire: Kashmir Kamarapa and Nepal.
  • Rajyasri reunited and probably helped by Madhav Guptas.
  • Huien Tsang visited Valabhi in 641 A. D. , the reigning Prince of Valabhi, Dhruvabhata was attached to Harsha՚s interest by matrimonial alliance, and their sons Dharasena IV assumed imperial titles: Maharaja-dhiraja, Parameshwara Chakravartin
  • Early days - he was Saiva devout.
  • Gradually became a great patron of Buddhism. Held a great assembly at Prayag.
  • Huien Tsang - 643 A. D witnessed two grand assemblies in the city of Kannauj, the other quinquennials assembly known as Mahamokshaparishad was held in Prayag.

Harsha՚s Administration

  • It was a relatively more decentralized state.
  • The revenue was allocated into four heads:
    • Expenditure of the King
    • For scholars
    • Endowment of the official and public servant
    • Religious purpose
  • The foreign ministry was headed by Mahasandhivi-grahika
  • Mahabaladhikrita was the chief of the army
  • Mahakashapatalika was the head of the accounts section.

Yasodharman of Mandasor: 530 - 540 a. D

  • Belonged to Ausikara family
  • The Ausikara family ruled as feudatories of the Guptas in Malwa
  • Defeated Mihirkula, the Hunas king.
  • He destroyed the declining Gupta Empire

Mihirkula: Hunas

  • Son of Toramana
  • Saiva devout
  • Founded temple of Mihireshvara

Maukharis: 6th AD Isanavarman

  • Title: Maharajadhiraja
  • In 554 AD defeated Andhras, Gaudas, Sutikas
  • Conflict with later Guptas who occupied parts of Magadha, later Gupta captured King of Kamarupa.


Avanti Varman is believed to be the last of the Varman dynasty who ruled Kamarupa briefly after Bhaskar Varman before being overthrown by Salasthambha, the founder of the Mlechchha dynasty


  • Grahavarman was a king of Kannauj around the seventh-century CE.
  • He came from the Maukhari dynasty and succeeded his father, Avantivarman.
  • Grahavarman married Rajyashri, the daughter of the ruler of Thanesar, Prabhakar Vardhana.
  • The marriage appears to have been an alliance of the two dynasties against the king of the Malavas
Later Guptas՚ Starting from Krishna Gupta

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