NCERT Class 7 Political Science Chapter 6: Understanding Media YouTube Lecture Handouts

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NCERT Class 7 Political Science Chapter 6: Understanding Media

Link B/W Media & Technology

Link B/W Media & Technology
  • Media: Plural form of ‘medium’ - various ways through which we communicate in society – means of communication
  • Mass Media: Media that can reach masses – TV, radio, newspaper


  • Technology that mass media uses keeps changing
  • Newspaper, TV, radio – reach masses
  • Print Media & Broadcast (widely transmitted) or electronic media
  • Now to internet
  • Technology getting modern – improve sound and image quality
  • TV images travel by satellites & cables
  • Sitting in India – see a storm that hits USA
  • TV has made the world closer & smaller


  • Some technologies are expensive
  • Lights, cameras, sound recorders, transmission satellites
  • Newsreader in news studio – camera & light
  • Mass media earns money by advertising different things like cars, chocolates, clothes, mobile phones etc.

Media & Democracy

  • Provide news & discuss events (e. g. , crackdown on polluting factories & closure of factories cause unrest)
  • Write letter to minister
  • Organize public protest (large number of people come together) , signature campaign
  • Ask govt. to rethink its program
  • Independent media – no one should control and influence the news coverage, reliable information and is not biased
  • This is not reality. Why? Control that govt. has on media (censorships) – Censorship occurred in emergency 1975 - 77
  • Govt. censors the film but no censorship on news – still no balanced story is provided

How TV Works

  • Window to the world
  • Earn from advertisement cost
  • Media՚s continual need for money and its links to advertising – it doesn՚t report against those who fund & now not independent as has close links to business
  • It focusses on one side of story to make it interesting – more public support

Set Agendas

  • Media sets the agenda – influence our lives & shape the thoughts
  • Decide stories
  • Decide what is noteworthy
  • E. g. , published reports for pesticides in cola drinks
  • What needs to be focused? Safe drinking water, demolition of slums
  • Khabar Lahriya: Fortnightly by 8 Dalit women in Chitrakoot district, UP in Bundeli language. 8-page newspaper reports on Dalit issues and cases of violence against women and political corruption.
  • Censorship: Government can prevent media from publishing certain news
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