Scheme of Studies

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Academic Stream The learning areas will include:

I&II Two Languages (Core/Elective) out of Hindi, English, Assamese, Bengali, Gujrati, Kashmiri, Kannada, Marathi, Malyalam, Manipuri, Oriya, Punjabi, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian, Limboo, Lepcha, Bhutia, Mizo, Tangkhul, Bodo, Nepali, Tibetan, French, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish


  1. Out of the languages, one shall be English or Hindi, both English and Hindi can also be offered simultaneously.
  2. The languages may be offered either at Core/Elective level. The same language, however cannot be offered both at the Core level and Elective level.
  3. A candidate has the freedom to offer, in lieu of one of the two languages above, any other elective subject provided under III below:

Note: English can be offered at any of the three levels given below:

  1. English Core
  2. English Elective
  3. Functional English

III to V. Three Electives out of the following:

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Engineering Graphics, Economics, Political Science, History, Geography, Business Studies, Accountancy, Home Science, Fine Arts, Agriculture, Computer Science/Informatics Practices, Multimedia and Web Technology, Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy, Physical Education, Music and Dance, Entrepreneurship, Fashion Studies, Creative Writing and Translation Studies, Heritage Crafts, Graphic Design and Mass Media Studies (In this regard please also refer to notes under 3.2. 1. And 3.2. 2 below) .

Note: 1. The candidate shall opt either for Computer Science or Informatics Practices. However along with either of this, they can opt for Multimedia and Web technology. Thus, a Candidate can opt for maximum of two IT based Courses.

  1. General Studies
  2. Work Experience
  3. Physical and Health Education

Additional Subject:

A candidate can also offer an additional elective which may either be a language at elective level (out of those mentioned above) or, any other elective subject. In this respect please also refer to clause 2.5 (iv) under chapter 2. While transacting the Curriculum due emphasis should be laid on National Identity and Value Education. Schools are expected to draw their own programmes in this area in accordance with the guidelines contained in the brochure ‘National Integration through Schools’ published by the Board, Likewise, programmes in General Studies, Work Experience and Physical and Health Education be planned in accordance with the guidelines brought out by the Board.

List of Vocational Subjects

Name of the CourseSubject ID
Office SecretaryshipN/A
Office Secretaryship-Office Practice and Secretaryship604
Office Secretaryship-Secretariat Practice & Accounting605
Office Secretaryship-Office Communication606
Stenography & Computer ApplicationN/A
Stenography & Computer Application-Typewriting (English)607
Stenography & Computer Application-Stenography (English)608
Stenography & Computer Application-Typewriting (Hindi)609
Stenography & Computer Application-Stenography (Hindi)610
Accountancy and AuditingN/A
Accountancy and Auditing-Financial Accounting611
Accountancy and Auditing-Elements of Cost Accountancy & Auditing612
Additional Subject OptionalN/A
Additional Subject Optional-Store AccountingN/A
Additional Subject Optional-TypewritingN/A
Marketing and SalesmanshipN/A
Marketing and Salesmanship-Marketing613
Marketing and Salesmanship-Salesmanship614
Marketing and Salesmanship-Consumer Behaviour and Protection615
Banking-Cash Management and House Keeping619
Banking-Lending Operations620
Banking-Management of Bank Office621
Electrical TechnologyN/A
Electrical Technology-Engineering Science622
Electrical Technology-Electrical Machines623
Electrical Technology-Electrical Appliances624
Additional Subject OptionalN/A
Additional Subject Optional-Applied Physics625
Additional Subject Optional-Mechanical Engineering626
Automobile TechnologyN/A
Automobile Technology-Auto Engineering627
Automobile Technology-Auto Shop Repair and Practice628
Additional Subject OptionalN/A
Additional Subject Optional-Applied Physics625
Additional Subject Optional-Civil Engineering629
Structure and Fabrication TechnologyN/A
Structure and Fabrication Technology-Fabrication Technology-II630
Structure and Fabrication Technology-Fabrication Technology-III631
Additional Subject OptionalN/A
Additional Subject Optional-Applied Physics625
Additional Subject Optional-Civil Engineering629
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration TechnologyN/A
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology-Air Conditioning and Refrigeration-III632
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology-Air Conditioning and Refrigeration-IV633
Additional Subject OptionalN/A
Additional Subject Optional-Applied Physics625
Additional Subject Optional-Civil Engineering629
Electronics TechnologyN/A
Electronics Technology-Electronic Devices and Circuits634
Electronics Technology-Radio Engineering and Audio Systems635
Electronics Technology-Television and Video Systems636
Additional Subject OptionalN/A
Additional Subject Optional-Electrical Engineering637
Additional Subject Optional-CivilEngineering629
Dairying-Milk and Milk Products639
Dairying-Milk Production, Transport and Milk Cooperatives640
Dairying-Dairy Plant Instrumentation641
Horticulture-Vegetable Culture642
Horticulture-Post Harvest Technology and Preservation644
Health Care and Beauty CultureN/A
Health Care and Beauty Culture-Beauty Therapy and Hair Designing-II654
Health Care and Beauty Culture-Cosmetic Chemistry655
Health Care and Beauty Culture-Yoga Anatomy and Physiology656
Ophthalmic TechniquesN/A
Ophthalmic Techniques-Biology (Ophthalmic)657
Ophthalmic Techniques-Optics658
Ophthalmic Techniques-Ophthalmic Techniques659
Medical Laboratory TechnologyN/A
Medical Laboratory Technology-Laboratory Machine (Clinical Pathology, Hematology & Histopathology)660
Medical Laboratory Technology-Clinical Biochemistry661
Medical Laboratory Technology-Microbiology662
Auxiliary Nursing & MidwiferyN/A
Auxiliary Nursing & Midwifery-Fundamentals of Nursing II663
Auxiliary Nursing & Midwifery-Community Nursing II664
Auxiliary Nursing & Midwifery-Maternity & Child Health Nursing II665
X-Ray TechnicianN/A
X-Ray Technician-Radiation Physics666
X-Ray Technician-Radiography I (General)667
X-Ray Technician-Radiography II (Special investigation, imaging and Radiography)668
Food Service & ManagementN/A
Food Service & Management-Advanced Food Preparation675
Food Service & Management-Meal Planning & Service676
Food Service & Management-Establishment & Management of Food Service Unit677
Fashion Design & Clothing ConstructionN/A
Fashion Design & Clothing Construction-Textile Science684
Fashion Design & Clothing Construction-Designing & Pattern Making685
Fashion Design & Clothing Construction-Clothing Construction686
Textile Design Dyeing & PrintingN/A
Textile Design Dyeing & Printing-Textile Science684
Textile Design Dyeing & Printing-Basic Design687
Textile Design Dyeing & Printing-Dyeing & Printing688
Hotel Management and Catering TechnologyN/A
Hotel Management and Catering Technology-Food Preparation-II690
Hotel Management and Catering Technology-Accommodation Services691
Hotel Management and Catering Technology-Food & Beverage Service-II692
Tourism and TravelN/A
Tourism and Travel-India-The Tourist Destination693
Tourism and Travel-Travel Trade Management694
Tourism and Travel-Tourism Management and Man-Power Planning695
Bakery and ConfectioneryN/A
Bakery and Confectionery-Food Service & Hygiene696
Bakery and Confectionery-Bakery Science697
Bakery and Confectionery-Confectionery698
IT ApplicationN/A
IT Application-I T System699
IT Application-Business Data Processing700
IT Application-DTP, CAD and Multimedia701
Library ManagementN/A
Library Management-Library Admn. & Management702
Library Management-Classification and Cataloguing703
Library Management-Reference Service704
Life InsuranceN/A
Life Insurance-Principles Practice of Life Insurance705
Life Insurance-Computer & Life Insurance Administration706
Transportation System & Management712
Poultry FarmingN/A
Poultry Farming-Poultry Nutrition & Physiology716
Poultry Farming-Poultry Products Technology717
Poultry Farming-Poultry Diseases & their control718
Financial Market ManagementN/A
Financial Market Management-Accounting for Business-1 (Class XI)719
Financial Market Management-Introduction to Financial Market-1 (Class XI)720
Financial Market Management-Computer Applications in Financial Markets (Class XI)721
Financial Market Management-Accounting for Business-2 (Class XII)722
Financial Market Management-Introduction to Financial Markets-2 (Class XII)723
Financial Market Management-Business Process Outsourcing Skills (Class XII)724
Healthcare SciencesN/A
Healthcare Sciences-Anatomy & Physiology (Class XI)725
Healthcare Sciences-Healthcare Delivery System, Hospital Organization And Services and Medical Equipments and Technologies (Class XI)726
Healthcare Sciences-Food Nutrition and Dietetics (Class XI)727
Healthcare Sciences-Health Education, Communication, Public Relations and Public Health (Class XII)728
Healthcare Sciences-Basic concepts of Health and Disease and Medical Terminology (Class XII)729
Healthcare Sciences-First Aid & Emergency Medical Care (Class XII)730
Food ProductionN/A
Food Production I (Class XI)734
Food Production II (Class XI)735
Food Production III (Class XII)734
Food Production IV (Class XII)735
Food And Beverage ServicesN/A
Food Service I (Class XI)736
Beverage Service I (Class XI)737
Food Service II (Class XII)736
Beverage Service II (Class XII)737
Mass Media Studies And Media ProductionN/A
Understanding the Evolution and Form of Mass Media-I (Class XI)738
The Creative and Commercial Process in Mass Media-I (Class XI)739
The Creative and Commercial Process in (Class XII) Mass Media-II738
The Creative and Commercial Process in Mass Media-II739
Geo Spatial Technology740

Bridges between Vocational and Academic Streams Bridges between Commerce-based vocational courses/packages and the subjects pertaining to different disciplines under the Academic Stream have also been provided. Accordingly, Business Studies, Accountancy and other subjects can be combined, subject to meeting the obligations required under the prescribed scheme of studies, with the following areas from the commerce based Vocational Courses:

  1. Type-writing in English (no. 607)
  2. Stenography in English (no. 608)
  3. Typewriting in Hindi (no. 609)
  4. Stenography in Hindi (no. 610)
  5. Marketing (no. 613)
  6. Consumer Behaviour and Protection (no. 615)
  7. Storekeeping (no. 617) Store Accounting (no. 618)

These electives can be offered along with Business Studies, Accountancy and other subject to the following stipulations:

  1. Not more than two electives from the above list be offered.
  2. These papers be not combined with the electives related to similar disciplines under the academic stream in order to avoid duplication e. g. Store Accounting (no. 618) can not be combined with Accountancy (no. 055)
  3. If Stenography in Hindi or English is offered, it is obligatory to offer Hindi Typewriting or English Typewriting respectively as the case may be to make the combinations more meaningful. English Stenography, however, cannot be combined with Hindi Typewriting or corollarily Hindi Stenography with English Typewriting.

Instructional Time:

Per Week of Teaching Time

SubjectSuggestive Periods
Language I7
Language II7
Elective I8
Elective II or Vocational Course8
Elective III8
General Studies/General Foundation Course (GFC)3
Work Experience (Not applicable to Vocational Stream)2 + 2 ⚹
Physical & Health Education2

Time expected to spend outside school hours While designing the courses it has been presumed that, given margin to vacations, public holidays and other contingencies, a minimum of 30 weeks of teaching time will be available in each session for actual instructional transaction. Accordingly, the distribution of periods over units and sub-units has been made which is only suggestive in character. The schools, keeping the overall number of periods in each subject area the same may assign more or less number of periods to individual units according to their relative importance if throughout necessary. The distribution of marks over each unit (unitwise weightage) is prescritive, hence shall remain unchanged.


  1. Schools are expected to give adequate time for Community Service outside the school hours, the minimum being equivalent of two periods a week.
  2. The Vocational Group candidates should make use of the time allotted for Work Experience for on the job training, if so required.

Medium of Instruction The medium of instruction in general in all the schools affiliated with the board shall either be English or Hindi. Special Adult Literacy Drive (SALD) In pursuance of the objects of the National Literacy Mission, Government of India, a Special Adult Literacy Programme has been taken up by Board from the academic session 1991 − 92 beginning with classes IX & XI as a special measure to help remove illiteracy, through massive involvement of students. This has been termed as SALD. The Adult Literacy Drive has been made an essential component of Work Experience. Framework of SALD is given at Appendix ‘A’ Since this activity has to be taken up by all the schools on a compulsory basis, their attention is invited, among other things, to clauses 2 and 3 of the Framework.

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