List of Vocational Subjects

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Name of the CourseSubject No
Office Secretary shipN/A
Office Secretary ship-Office Practice and Secretary ship604
Office Secretary ship-Secretariat Practice & Accounting605
Office Secretary ship-Office Communication606
Stenography & Computer ApplicationN/A
Stenography & Computer Application-Typewriting (English)607
Stenography & Computer Application-Stenography (English)608
Stenography & Computer Application-Typewriting (Hindi)609
Stenography & Computer Application-Stenography (Hindi)610
Accountancy and AuditingN/A
Accountancy and Auditing-Financial Accounting611
Accountancy and Auditing-Elements of Cost Accountancy & Auditing612
Additional Subject OptionalN/A
Store AccountingN/A
Marketing and SalesmanshipN/A
Marketing and Salesmanship-Marketing613
Marketing and Salesmanship-Salesmanship614
Marketing and Salesmanship-Consumer Behaviour and Protection615
Banking-Cash Management and House Keeping619
Banking-Lending Operations620
Banking-Management of Bank Office621
Electrical TechnologyN/A
Electrical Technology-Engineering Science622
Electrical Technology-Electrical Machines623
Electrical Technology-Electrical Appliances624
Electrical Technology-Additional Subject OptionalN/A
Additional Subject Optional-Applied Physics625
Additional Subject Optional-Mechanical Engineering626
Automobile TechnologyN/A
Automobile Technology-Auto Engineering627
Automobile Technology-Auto Shop Repair and Practice628
Automobile Technology-Additional Subject OptionalN/A
Additional Subject Optional-Applied Physics625
Additional Subject Optional-Civil Engineering629
Structure and Fabrication TechnologyN/A
Structure and Fabrication TechnologyN/A
Structure and Fabrication Technology-Fabrication Technology-II630
Structure and Fabrication Technology-Fabrication Technology-III631
Structure and Fabrication Technology--Additional Subject OptionalN/A
Structure and Fabrication Technology--Applied Physics625
Structure and Fabrication Technology--Civil Engineering629
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration TechnologyN/A
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration-III632
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration-IV633
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology-Additional Subject OptionalN/A
Additional Subject Optional-Electrical Engineering637
Additional Subject Optional-Civil Engineering638
Dairying-Milk and Milk Products639
Dairying-Milk Production, Transport and Milk Cooperatives640
Dairying-Dairy Plant Instrumentation641
Horticulture-Vegetable Culture642
Horticulture-Post Harvest Technology and Preservation644
Health Care and Beauty CultureN/A
Health Care and Beauty Culture-Beauty Therapy and Hair Designing-II654
Health Care and Beauty Culture-Cosmetic Chemistry655
Health Care and Beauty Culture-Yoga Anatomy and Physiology656
Ophthalmic TechniquesN/A
Ophthalmic Techniques-Biology (Ophthalmic)657
Ophthalmic Techniques-Optics658
Ophthalmic Techniques-Ophthalmic Techniques659
Medical Laboratory TechnologyN/A
Medical Laboratory Technology-Laboratory Machine (Clinical Pathology, Hematology &Histopathology)660
Medical Laboratory Technology-Clinical Biochemistry661
Medical Laboratory Technology-Microbiology662
Auxiliary Nursing & MidwiferyN/A
Auxiliary Nursing & Midwifery-Fundamentals of Nursing II663
Auxiliary Nursing & Midwifery-Community Nursing II664
Auxiliary Nursing & Midwifery-Maternity & Child Health Nursing II665
X-Ray TechnicianN/A
X-Ray Technician-Radiation Physics666
X-Ray Technician-Radiography I (General)667
X-Ray Technician-Radiography II (Special investigation, imaging and Radiography)668
Food Service & ManagementN/A
Food Service & Management-Advanced Food Preparation675
Food Service & Management-Meal Planning & Service676
Food Service & Management-Establishment & Management of Food Service Unit677
Fashion Design & Clothing ConstructionN/A
Fashion Design & Clothing Construction-Textile Science684
Fashion Design & Clothing Construction-Designing & Pattern Making685
Fashion Design & Clothing Construction-Clothing Construction686
Textile Design Dyeing & PrintingN/A
Textile Design Dyeing & Printing-Textile Science684
Textile Design Dyeing & Printing-Basic Design687
Textile Design Dyeing & Printing-Dyeing & Printing688
Hotel Management and Catering TechnologyN/A
Hotel Management and Catering Technology-Food Preparation-II690
Hotel Management and Catering Technology-Accommodation Services691
Hotel Management and Catering Technology-Food & Beverage Service-II692
Tourism and TravelN/A
Tourism and Travel-India-The Tourist Destination693
Tourism and Travel-Travel Trade Management694
Tourism and Travel-Tourism Management and Man-Power Planning695
Bakery and ConfectioneryN/A
Bakery and Confectionery-Food Service & Hygiene696
Bakery and Confectionery-Bakery Science697
Bakery and Confectionery-Confectionery698
IT ApplicationN/A
IT Application-I T System699
IT Application-Business Data Processing700
IT Application-DTP, CAD and Multimedia701
Library ManagementN/A
Library Management-Library Admn. & Management702
Library Management-Classification and Cataloguing703
Library Management-Reference Service704
Life InsuranceN/A
Life Insurance-Principles Practice of Life Insurance705
Life Insurance-Computer & Life Insurance Administration706
Transportation System & Management712
Poultry FarmingN/A
Poultry Farming-Poultry Nutrition & Physiology716
Poultry Farming-Poultry Products Technology717
Poultry Farming-Poultry Diseases & their control718
Financial Market ManagementN/A
Financial Market Management-Accounting for Business-1 (Class XI)719
Financial Market Management-Introduction to Financial Market-1 (Class XI)720
Financial Market Management-Computer Applications in Financial Markets (Class XI)721
Financial Market Management-Accounting for Business-2 (Class XII)722
Financial Market Management-Introduction to Financial Markets-2 (Class XII)723
Financial Market Management-Business Process Outsourcing Skills (Class XII)724
Medical DiagnosticsN/A
Retail Services and OperationsN/A
Retail Services I and II741
Retail Operations I and II742

Compulsory Group

  1. Language-I
  2. Language-II Or any other elective as per CBSE academic stream
  3. Vocation Subject
  4. Vocation Subject
  5. Vocation Subject

Internal subjects:

  1. Physical and Health Education
  2. Library

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