Geography Syllabus and Chapterization for CBSE NCERT Class 12 Exam for 2022

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CBSE NCERT Class 12 Political Science Syllabus and Chapterization
Fundamentals Of Human GeographyHuman Geography Nature and Scope
Fundamentals Of Human GeographyThe World Population Distribution, Density and Growth
Fundamentals Of Human GeographyPopulation Composition
Fundamentals Of Human GeographyHuman Development
Fundamentals Of Human GeographyPrimary Activities
Fundamentals Of Human GeographySecondary Activities
Fundamentals Of Human GeographyTertiary and Quaternary Activities
Fundamentals Of Human GeographyTransport and Communication
Fundamentals Of Human GeographyInternational Trade
Fundamentals Of Human GeographyHuman Settlements
Practical Work In Geography Part IIData – Its Source and Compilation
Practical Work In Geography Part IIData Processing
Practical Work In Geography Part IIGraphical Representation of Data
Practical Work In Geography Part IIUse of Computer in Data Processing and Mapping
Practical Work In Geography Part IIField Surveys
Practical Work In Geography Part IISpatial Information Technology
India People And EconomyPopulation
India People And EconomyMigration
India People And EconomyHuman Development
India People And EconomyHuman Settlements
India People And EconomyLand Resources and Agriculture
India People And EconomyWater Resources
India People And EconomyMineral and Energy Resources
India People And EconomyManufacturing Industries
India People And EconomyPlanning and Sustainable Development in Indian Context
India People And EconomyTransport and Communication
India People And EconomyInternational Trade
India People And EconomyGeographical Perspective on Selected Issues and Problems