CBSE-2022 Syllabus for Physical Education Studies Classes XI and XII

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It covers the following:

Eligibility conditions for opting Physical Education as an elective subject II. Conditions for granting affiliation to the schools for offering Physical Education as an elective subject III. Theory syllabus for class XI (Part A & B) IV. Theory syllabus for class XII (Part A & B) . V. Part C-Practical-Distribu-tion of marks for the practical syllabus.

Eligibility Conditions for Opting Physical Education

The following category of students shall be permitted to opt the Physical Education:

  1. Those granted permission to join the course should be medically fit to follow the physical education curriculum, theory and practical, prescribed by the Board.
  2. Those who have represented the school in the Inter School Sports & Games Competitions in any Game/Sport.
  3. The student should undergo the prescribed physical fitness test and secure a minimum of 40 % score.

Conditions for Granting Affiliation to Schools for Offering Physical Education as an Elective Subject

Only those schools satisfying the following conditions will be permitted to offer physical education as a course of study at + 2 stage as an elective subject:

  1. The school should have adequate open space to accommodate at least 200 M track and play fields for minimum three games/sports.
  2. The teacher handling the elective programme of physical education should hold a Master Degree in Physical Education.
  3. The school should provide adequate funds for physical education and health education for purchase of equipments, books on physical education and also for the maintenance of sports facilities.

Physical Education

Class XI-Theory 70 Marks PART-A

Unit 1: Concept of Physical Education

  1. Meaning and Definition of Physical Education, Its Aim and Objectives
  2. Need and importance of Physical Education
  3. Misconceptions about Physical Education & its Relevance in Inter Disciplinary Context
  4. Philosophies of Physical Education-Idealism; Naturalism; Pragmatism and Humanism
  5. Fundamental concepts of Biomechanics in Physical Education and Sports-Laws of Motion, Force, Friction and Projectiles

Unit 2: Career Aspects in Physical Education

  1. Physical Education as a Profession
  2. Professional Ethics
  3. Physical Education and Career Options
  4. Avenues for Career Preparation
  5. Self Assessment for Career Choices

Unit 3: Health Concepts of Physical Education

  1. Role of Physical Education Programme on Individual & Family
  2. Community Health Programme
  3. Effects of Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs on Sports Performance
  4. Life Style Management and Sports-Obesity, Hypertension and Stress

Unit 4-Olympic Movement

  1. Ancient Olympics (Before 1896)
  2. Modern Olympics (After 1896)
  3. Olympic Ideals and objectives
  4. Values through Olympics Movement-Friendship, Solidarity, Fair Play and Free of Discrimi-nation.
  5. Olympic Symbols

Unit-5 Sociological Aspects of Physical Education

  1. Meaning of Sociology
  2. Concept of Sports Sociology and its Importance
  3. Games & Sports as Manีšs Cultural Heritage
  4. Socialization in Sports at Home, School & Community
  5. Leadership through Physical Education Programmes

Unit-6 Measurements in Sports

  1. Meaning and its Importance in Physical Education and Sports
  2. Cross Weber Test (Contents & Administration)
  3. Calculation of BMI
  4. Calculation of Waist-Hip-Ratio
  5. Rock Fort One mile Test
  6. AAPHER Physical Fitness Test (Content & Administration)
  7. Measurement of Heart Rate (Resting & After Exercise)

Unit-7 Physiological Aspects of Physical Education

  1. Warming up-General & Specific and its Physiological basis
  2. Functions and Effects of Exercise on Muscular & Skeletal Systems
  3. Functions and Effects of Exercise on Respiratory & Circulatory Systems
  4. Factors Affecting the Physical Fitness Components

Unit-8 Changing Trends in Physical Education & Sports

  1. Concept and Principles of Integrated Physical Education
  2. Concept and Principles of Adapted Physical Education
  3. Concept and Components of Occupational Health Hazards
  4. Concept and Components of Health related fitness
  5. Sports for All

Part B

Following sub topics related to any one Game/Sport of choice of student out of: Athletics, Badminton, Gymnastics, Judo, Skating, Swimming, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Tennis, Yoga Unit 1

History of the Game/Sport

  1. Latest General Rules of the Game/Sport
  2. Specifications of Play Fields and Related Sports Equipments
  3. Important Tournaments and Venues
  4. Sports Personalities
  5. Proper Sports Gear and its Importance

Unit 2

  1. Fundamental Skills of the Game/Sport
  2. Specific Exercises of Warm-up and Conditioning
  3. Related Sports Terminologies
  4. Sports Awards
  5. Common Sports Injuries & its Prevention
  6. CBSE Sports and its Organizational Set-up

Class XII Theory 70 Marks


Unit-1 Physical Fitness & Wellness

  1. Meaning & Importance of Physical Fitness & Wellness
  2. Components of Physical Fitness & Wellness
  3. FactorsAffecting Physical Fitness & Wellness
  4. Principles of Physical Fitness Development
  5. Means of Fitness Development-Aerobic & Anaerobic, Games & Sports, Yoga and Recre-ationalActivities

Unit-2 Planning Sports

  1. Fixtures-Knock Out; League; Seeding and Bye
  2. IntramuralsAnd Extramurals
  3. Formation Of Committees for Organizing Sports Events
  4. Specific Sports Programmes-Health Runs; Run for Fun; Run for Unity; Run for Awareness; Run for Specific Causes.

Unit-3 Sports Environment

  1. Meaning & Need for Sports Environment
  2. Essential Elements of Positive Sports Environment
  3. Role of Individual in Improvement of Sports Environment for Prevention of Sports Related Accidents
  4. Role of Spectators and Media for Creating Positive Sports Environment

Unit 4 Postures

  1. Meaning and Concept of Correct Postures-Standing And Sitting
  2. Advantages of Correct Posture
  3. Common Postural Deformities-Knock Knee; Flat Foot; Round Shoulders; Lordosis, Kyphosis, Bow Legs and Scolioses
  4. Physical Activities as Corrective Measures

Unit 5 Yoga

  1. Meaning & Importance of Yoga
  2. Yoga as an Indian Heritage
  3. Elements of Yoga
  4. Role of Yoga in Sports-Asanas, Pranayam and Mediation

Unit 6 Sports and Nutrition

  1. Balanced Diet
  2. Elements of Diet
  3. Components of Diet
  4. Role of Diet on Performance

Unit 7 Training Methods

  1. Meaning, Concept and Principles of Training
  2. Methods of Flexibility Development
  3. Methods of Strength Development-Isometric & Isotonic
  4. Methods of Endurance Development-Continuous Method, Interval Training & Fartlek.
  5. Methods of Speed Development
  6. CircuitTraining

Unit 8 Psychological Aspects of Physical Education

  1. Definition & Importance of Sports Psychology
  2. Types and Techniques of Motivation
  3. Developmental Characteristics at Different Stages of Growth
  4. Adolescent Problems & its Management
  5. Ethics in Sports
  6. Anxiety and its Management

Part B

Following sub topics related to any one Game/Sport of choice of student out of: Basket-ball, Cricket, Football, Handball, Hockey, Kabaddi, Kho Kho, & Volleyball.

Unit 1

  1. History of the Game/Sport
  2. Latest General Rules of the Game/Sport
  3. Specifications of Play Fields and Related Sports Equipments
  4. Important Tournaments and Venues
  5. Sports Personalities
  6. Proper Sports Gear and its Importance

Unit 2

  1. Fundamental Skills of the Game/Sport
  2. Specific Exercises of Warm-up and Conditioning
  3. Related Sports Terminologies
  4. Sports Awards
  5. Common Sports Injuries & its Prevention
  6. SGFI & its Organizational Set-Up

Part C-Practical (For Classes XI & XII) -Marks 30

The Practical Syllabus has been divided into five parts & the marks allotted for each part are as follows:

  1. Physical Fitness Test (Compulsory) : 10 Marks
  2. Skill of Chosen Sport/Game: 05 Marks
  3. Any FiveAsanas: 05 Marks
  4. Viva: 05 Marks
  5. Record Book (File) โšน: 05 Marks

Record Book (File) must include other than the details of Game/Sport of your choice the following:

  1. BMI calculation of minimum ten Students
  2. AAHPHER Test Score of minimum ten Students