Question Paper Design SA 2 English Communicative Classes IX and X Part 2

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Section D – Literature-20 Marks (Question 13 - 15)

  • In the existing scheme of the question paper students answer questions based on two extracts out of three for reference to context (Prose/poetry or play) carrying three marks each (Total -6 Marks) – all MCQs.
  • The change proposed is that students be given one extract for reference to context (carrying 3 marks) out of two which is based on MCQ responses. The other extract should require effort on the part of the students to supply the responses.

In the proposed question paper scheme:

Q13 A One out of two extracts for reference to context with MCQs (based on poetry/prose/drama) . The extract will carry 3 marks.

B) One extract for reference to context (based on poetry/prose/drama) where students will be expected to supply the answer. The extract will carry 3 marks. (20 - 30 words each)

6 Marks

Q14. Four out of five short answer type questions based on prose, poetry or plays of 2 marks each. The questions will not test recall but inference and evaluation. (30 - 40 words each)

8 Marks

Q15. One out of two long answer type questions to assess personal response to text by going beyond the text/poetry/prose/drama. Creativity, imagination and extrapolation beyond the text and across two texts will also be assessed. (120 words)

6 Marks

Note: The weightage given to MCQs to be reduced from the existing 06 Marks in the Literature Section to 3 Marks.

Section a, B, C, D Marks
Total No. of MarksExisting Weightage to MCQsProposed Weightage to MCQs
Section A-Reading20 Marks20 Marks10 Marks
Section B-Writing20 MarksNilNil
Section C-Grammar20 Marks20 Marks8 Marks
Section D-Literature20 Marks6 Marks3 Marks
Total80 Marks46 Marks21 Marks
Percentage57.5 %26.25 %