CBsE Expected Questions Social Studies Class 10 Economics (Download PDF)

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1. Development: Final good and services, ‘Sustainable Development is a crucial step for the development of a country’ , Growth of National Income, Development indicators (PCI, IMR, SR and other income and health indicators) , PCI calculated in US dollars, Human Development Indicators - Kerala vs. Punjab, Right to Work, World bank norms for rich & poor nations, BMI, Net Attendance ratio

2. Sectors of the Indian Economy

  • Tertiary sector - largest producing sector in India
  • GDP and economy
  • Disguised unemployment
  • Contribution of public services in economic development
  • Rising importance of tertiary sector
  • Organized and Unorganized
  • Interdependence of economic sectors
  • Protective measures for unorganized sector workers
  • Right to work - NREGA
  • Problem of underemployment & solutions

3. Money and Credit

  • Money called a medium of exchange
  • Banks ask for collateral while giving loans
  • Elimination of double coincidence of wants
  • Demand deposits
  • Credit a crucial element in the economic development
  • Formal sources of credit preferred over the informal source of credit
  • Discourage informal sector credit
  • Barter System
  • Cooperative Banks
  • Terms of credit
  • SHGs

4. Globalisation and the Indian Economy

  • MNC՚s
  • Impact of globalization in India
  • Globalization and global village
  • Role of MNCs in the economic development of a country
  • Foreign trade and Interaction of Markets
  • Market manipulation by large companies
  • FDI
  • Trade barriers
  • Advantages of globalization

5. Consumer Rights

  • “Consumer movement can be effective only with the consumer՚s active involvement.”
  • ISI
  • Hallmark
  • Role of government in consumer protection
  • Exploitation of consumer
  • Consumer movement
  • National Consumer Day
  • RTI
CBsE Expected Questions Social Studies Class 10 Economics

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