CBsE Expected Questions Social Studies Class 10 History - Board Exam 2020 (Download PDF)

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1. The Rise of Nationalism in Europe: Features of the Civil Code, Treaty of Constantinople - independence of Greece, Unification of Germany & Italy, Treaty of Vienna - 1815, Role of Culture in creating the idea of Nation in Europe, Role of women in the nationalist struggles of Europe.

  • French revolutionaries - collective identity
  • Slavic nationalist struggle in the 19th century
  • Ideology of liberalism during early 19th century
  • When France sneezes rest of Europe catches cold
  • Mazzini՚s revolutionary ideas

2. The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China

  • Ho Chi Minh in the Vietnamese struggle for independence
  • New challenges by new Republic of Vietnam after 1954
  • Tonkin Free School in Vietnam by French
  • Civilising mission of the colonisers
  • France - idea of civilizing mission during mid- 19th century
  • Scholar՚s Revolt of 1868
  • Huynh Phu So
  • Phan Chu Trinh՚s objective for Vietnam
  • Plague
  • Ho Chi Minh Trail
  • Women warriors & workers in Vietnam

3. Nationalism in India

  • Growth of nationalism in colonies is linked to an anti-colonial movement
  • Idea of Satyagraha
  • Swaraj Flag
  • Swadeshi Movement
  • WWI - in growth of the National Movement in India
  • Go Back Simon; Rowlatt Act
  • Non-Cooperation Movement
  • Lahore session
  • Map - Champaran (Bihar) - Movement of Indigo Planters
  • Kheda (Gujrat) - Peasant Satyagarha
  • Ahmedabad (Gujarat) - Cotton Mill Workers Satyagraha
  • Chauri Chaura (U. P.) - Calling off the Non Cooperation
  • Dandi (Gujarat) - Civil Disobedience Movement

4. The Making of a Global World

  • Great Depression on Indian economy
  • Global transfer of disease in the pre-modern world helped in the colonisation of the Americas
  • MNCs to relocate production to Asian countries. .
  • Relocate industries to low wage countries
  • British government՚s decision to abolish the Corn Laws …
  • WW - death of men of working-age in Europe
  • Bretton Woods Agreement
  • IMF & World Bank

5. The Age of Industrialization

  • Women workers in Britain attacked the Spinning Jenny
  • Guilds
  • After WWI - Manchester didn՚t had same position in India
  • Role of advertisements to create new consumers
  • Port of Surat declined by the end of the eighteenth century.
  • East India Company appointed gomasthas to supervise weavers in India.
  • Impact of the WWI on Indian industries
  • Dwarkanath Tagore & contribution in Industrial development

6. Work, Life and Leisure

  • Population of London expanded from the middle of 18th Century
  • Garden City; London Tube Railway
  • Well-off Londoners supported need to build housing for poor (19th century)
  • Jobbers
  • Proto-industrialization
  • Air pollution a nuisance for Londoners
  • Bombay films were about the lives of migrants.
  • Expansion of Bombay՚s population in the mid-19th century.
  • Changes in work available to women in London between the 19th & 20th century
  • Effects of 19th century city development on ecology & environment

7. Print Culture and the Modern World

  • Gandhi said the fight for SWARAJ is a fight for liberty of speech, liberty of the press, and freedom of association
  • Wood - Block printing
  • Vernacular Press Act
  • Protestant Reformation
  • Where - 1st printing press
  • Technique to preserve
  • Spread of print culture in 19th century India
  • Features of handwritten manuscripts
  • “Print culture created the conditions within which French Revolution occurred.”
  • Which was the first book by Gutenberg
  • Who brought printing press to India

8. Novels, Society and History

  • Oliver Twist
  • Indulekha
  • Pariksha Gum by Srinivas Das
  • Pride & Prejudice
  • Bankim Chandra Chattopadhaya
  • Rokeya Hussain
  • Novels as vision of ideal characters without losing one՚s identity
CBsE Expected Questions Social Studies Class 10 History

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