CBsE Expected Questions Social Studies Class 10 Political Science (Download PDF)

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1. Power Sharing: Recognize form of power sharing in Belgium, Belgium and ethnic problems, Sri Lanka - Sinhalas, Forms of power sharing in modern democracies, Why power sharing is desriable

2. Federalism

  • Features of Federalism
  • Steps taken by the Indian Government towards decentralization in 1992
  • Feature of federalism in India & Belgium
  • Difference between federal and unitary government
  • Vertical sharing of power
  • Municipal corporation
  • Provisions of Indian Constitution

3. Democracy and Diversity

  • “In a democracy, political expression of social divisions is very normal and can be healthy.”
  • Outcomes of politics of social divisions
  • Social difference becomes a social division
  • Case of Netherlands
  • Conflicts in Ireland

4. Gender, Religion and Caste

  • 3 forms in which communalism is expressed in politics.
  • Forms of communal politics
  • Women discrimination
  • Caste inequalities in India
  • Caste alone cannot determine election results in India.
  • Secularism
  • Breaking caste barriers in India

5. Popular Struggles and Movements

  • Pleasure groups
  • Political parties
  • Water privatization in Bolivia
  • Backward and Minority Communities Employees Federation
  • Seven Party Alliance in Nepal

6. Political Parties

  • Lack of internal democracy within a political party
  • Multiparty System
  • Role of money and muscle power among political parties during elections
  • Challenges faced by political parties
  • Suggest some reforms to strengthen parties
  • 3 components of political party
  • Regional parties of states
  • Partisanship

7. Outcomes of Democracy

  • Democracy a better form of government compared with dictatorship
  • Transparency
  • Democracy produce an accountable, responsive and legitimate government
  • Legitimate government
  • Conditions under which democracies accommodate social diversities

8. Challenges to Democracy

  • Challenges to democracy in India
  • Democracy be reformed and deepened
  • Foundational challenge of democracy
  • How ordinary citizen play in deepening democracy
  • Legal-constitutional changes by themselves cannot overcome challenges to democracy
CBsE Expected Questions Social Studies Class 10 Political Science

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