Class X CBsE Board Exams Mandatory from 2018 (Download PDF)

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Board exams for Class X are set to become compulsory for all CBSE students from 2018 as CBSE՚s governing body on “unanimously approved” a proposal in this regard, this decision was taken in the meeting of the CBSE governing body.

Central Board of Secondary Education
  • Those students may have to study an Indian language besides English and Hindi, till they pass high school.
  • Board aims to extend third language lessons till class X and the language will have to be India.

Key Details

  • This decision will now have to be approved by the government before it is implemented.
  • Presently, it is optional for CBSE students to choose either the board exam or a school-based examination.
  • Prakash Javadekar (HRD Minister) has in the past favored making board exam compulsory for CBSE students as is the practice in all State boards.
  • Approximately 14,000 private schools are affiliated to the CBSE in India.
  • Government body of CBSE has decided to recommend to the HRD Ministry that the three-language formula under which Hindi, English and modern Indian language are taught.
  • It should be extended to class IX and X as well from the current VI to VIII.
  • Students will have to get simple pass marks in the third language.
  • Weightage of Class X exam:
    • 80 % weightage of written exam
    • 20 % weightage of internal assessment
  • Schools affiliated to CBSE should follow a three-language formula whereby they teach Hindi, English and one language listed in schedule VIII of the constitution.
  • Those students willing to study a foreign language might study a fourth language like French and this will be treated as an elective subject in the programme.

- Published/Last Modified on: December 22, 2016

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