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Here you will get a quick revision of the history with understanding and solving the following long and objective questions important for CBSE Class 10 History examination. To get a quick summary for the lecture refer:

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Summary for NCERT Class 10 History in 45 Minutes - Important Topics

Dr. Manishika Jain discusses Summary for NCERT Class 10 History - in 45 hours

Write a Short Note on the Following;

  • The Gutenberg Press.
  • The Vernacular Press Act.
  • Why did some people in the eighteenth century Europe think that print culture would bring enlightenment and end despotism?
  • Explain how the print culture assisted the growth of nationalism in India.
  • Explain how the print culture had changed the way of life of women in late nineteen century in India.
  • Explain any three features of handwritten manuscripts before the age of print in India.
  • Why did the industrial production in India increase during the First World War?
  • What is meant by proto- industrialization? Why was it successful in the countryside in England in the 17th Century?
  • Explain any five cause of industrial revolution in England.
  • Explain how the condition of the workers steadily declined in the early twentieth century Europe.
  • ‘Industralisation was a mixed blessing. ’ Explain by giving examples.
  • Why did Gandhiji decided to withdraw the Non co-operation Movement?
  • Explain the idea of Satyagraha According to Gandhiji?
  • Differentiate between Non-Cooperation movement and Civil Disobedience movement?
  • Which nations formed the Central Powers and Axis Powers? What were Central Powers and Axis Powers?
  • Who formed Young Italy?
  • Who formed Vietnam Communist Party?
  • Who formed Red Shirts army?
  • Discuss about Ho Chi Minh’s trail.
  • Who led the unification of Germany?
  • Who led the unification of Italy?
  • Who wrote Pickwick papers?
  • What are chapman books?
  • Who said “When France sneezes, the whole world catches the cold”?
  • Write a short note on the following;
  • The Jalliawala Bagh massacre
  • The Simon commission
  • The Rowlatt Act
  • Salt March
  • ‘Women played a very important role in the Civil Disobedience Movement. ’ Explain.
  • What were the circumstances which led to the Khilafat and the Non Cooperation Movement?
  • Explain growth of print culture in India.

Wish you the very best for the upcoming board examination.

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