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The Central Board of Secondary Education has also released Sample Paper and marking scheme for 2020 board exams in its official website. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) students, who will be appearing for boards in 2020, will face some big changes in the exam pattern. The board will be introducing internal assessment in every subject, which will facilitate into changing the format of question paper for the board exam. According to the new rules, CBSE has given more weightage on the internal assessment of the students in the schools, including in subjects like Maths, languages, Political Science. This will cover way for more objective type questions in the board examination paper.

Major Changes in CBsE Board Exams 2020

Main Changes

The 12th standard board exam of CBSE will have 25 % multiple-choice questions (MCQs) . Till 2019, out of 100,20 marks were reserved for internal assessment. Out of the rest 80, now one will have to answer only 60 marks of subjective questions - this will help the students to score more marks in the exam.

Even within the subjective type questions, the number of internal options in a question will be increased by 33 per cent. This will leave the students with more options to answer a single question.

Earlier subjects of 12th standard like Maths, languages, Political Science did not include internal assessment. However, after the changed norms, 10 marks will be taken from internal evaluation and 10 more from school exams.

In English subject, the 20 marks for the internal assessment will be taken from Assessment for Speaking and Listening (ASL) , where the students are tested for their English language listening and speaking skills, but it will be conducted by the external examiners.

For 10th standard boards, the 20 marks internal assessment has been divided into four parts of 5 marks each - Periodic Test, Multiple Assessment, Portfolio and Subject Enrichment Activities.

However, the practical exams might be conducted in the external centers, same as theory exams of 2020 CBSE boards, the board has not finalized on that yet.

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