New CBSE 2020 Board Exam Pattern: Most Important Changes for Your Success

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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) board exams are set to be held from February 15 (Saturday) . The exam for skill-based subjects will be held before proceeding to the main subjects. The board introduced a number of changes in the examination pattern to be effective from the session 2019 - 20 with an aim to discourage students from rote learning and to develop critical thinking and reasoning abilities.

Reduction in Number of Questions

  • The CBSE has curtailed the number of questions asked in the examination for all major subjects. This has been reflected through the sample question papers available at the Boards website. This will ensure that students don՚t find the paper to be too lengthy to complete in the stipulated time of 3 hours.

More Internal Choices

  • The Board also provided internal choices for students in at least 33 per cent questions in all major subjects.

More Objective-Type Questions

  • Objective Type Questions, which are essentially 1 mark questions, will be around twenty five percent in all major subjects from 2020 examination. This will reduce subjectivity on the part of examiner. However, in order to promote creativity, the marking schemes of CBSE specially directs all evaluators to award full marks to alternative innovative descriptive answers that are otherwise correct.

Internal Assessment

  • In order to make assessment holistic and continuous, CBSE has extended internal assessment to all subjects for Class X and Class XII. Internal Assessment will amount to 20 marks in total in subjects where there is no practical assessment? In order to make assessment holistic.

Two Maths Papers for Class X

  • The idea is to make the evaluation more student centric and reduce the pressure on the student who doesn՚t want to pursue Mathematics after class X. As per the analysis, 32 marks are allotted to fact and concept based questions whereas over 20 marks have concept based questions for Standard Mathematics. Application based questions will carry 12 marks in basic Mathematics paper and 19 marks in Standard Mathematics.
  • For class X students, the mathematics exam will be litmus test as for the students as it is for the first time, students will give two mathematics papers. The Mathematics exam is scheduled on March 12. The existing Mathematics examination will be tested in two ways - Standard level and Basic level. The standard level Mathematics will assess higher Mathematical abilities compared to a basic level.
  • If a student intends to take Mathematics in Class XI/XII, he/she has to pass Mathematics-standard. A student who qualifies the Mathematics-basic will be given an option to appear in Mathematics-Standard at the time of the compartment.
  • No entry in the examination centre post 10 am
  • Only carry blue/royal blue ball point/gel/fountain pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, geometry instruments, colors, brushes, admit card and school identity card as per requirement in a transparent pouch
  • Complete entries on answer book and on question paper correctly and neatly.

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