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Absence of Motivation, Clarity, and Planning in Child’s Future? - Graduates of even the most famous universities do not always go on to have outstanding careers. Dropout rates continue to be an issue for many institutions, as some young people can end up in wrong paths.

Choosing Right Subjects after Board Exams

Choosing Right Subjects After Board Exams

Choosing Right Subjects after Board Exams

  • Many young people suffer from stress during their studies. Their confidence suffers and they lack resilience.

  • Some may achieve entry to top universities, but some may lose out either during their studies or when they start work in the sphere that never really suited them.

How Can Parents Recognize The Choice Of Subject Of Their Children?

The parents need to answer the following questions to find their children’s choice of subject

  • What really drives your son or daughter?

  • When are they completely absorbed in an activity?

  • What and when do they appear to learn, almost without effort?

  • When is your child at his/her most impressive and engaging?

  • When do they tell you about something they learned at school simply because they really felt interested?

- Published/Last Modified on: August 9, 2018

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