Physical Standards for Air Force, CDS 2021

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Standards for Air-Force

Also the following medical standards quoted below will be applicable in respect of Air force candidates only:

X-ray of Cervical and Lumbosacral spine will be carried out. The conditions stated below detected in the X-ray will be disqualifying:

  • Granulomatius disease of spine.
  • Arthritis/spondylosis
  • Scoliosis more than 15 degree as measured by Cobb՚s Method (10 degree for Army) .
  • More than mild Kyphosis/Lordosis
  • Spondylolisthesis/Spondylosis.
  • Herniated nucleus pulposes.
  • Compression fracture of Vertebra.
  • Sacaralisation Disease
  • Cervical ribs with demonstrable neurological or Circulatory deficit.
  • Presence of Schmorl՚s node at more than one level.
  • Atlanto-occipital, and atlanto-axial anomalies.
  • Incomplete Sacaralisation Unilateral or Bilateral
  • Spinabifida other than SV 1 and LV 5
  • Any other abnormality, if so considered by specialist.

Anthropometric (Body) Measurements for Air Force Pilot

Leg length: 99.00cm-120.00cm

Thigh length: Max 64.00cm

Sitting height: 81.50cm-96.00cm

Carrying angle of elbow should not be greater than 100 (ten degree) .

Vision Standards

Uncorrected without glass: ,

Corrected with glass: (only for Hypermetropia)

Limits of Myopia: Nil

Limits of Hypermetropia:+ 2.00 D Sph

Colour Vision: CPI (MLT)

Astigmatism:+ 0.75 Cyl

Near Vision: N − 5 each eye

Binocular Vision Must has a good binocular vision (fusion and Stereopsis with good amplitude and depth) .

Ocular Muscle Balance Heterophoria with the Maddox Rod Test must not be more than:

At 6 Meters

  • Exophoria 6 prism dioptres.
  • Esophoria 6 prism dioptres.
  • Hyper/Hypophoria 1 prism dioptre.

At 33 Cms

  • Exophoria 16 prism dioptres.
  • Esophoria 6 prism dioptres
  • Hyper/Hypophora 1 prism dioptres.

The Medical standards for candidates in case of Naval Aviation Branch will be the similar with flying duties of Air Force.

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