Physical Standards for CDS 2022

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The candidates who possess cleared the selection process are rejected on Medical examination. Therfore, It is advisable to go through the requiremalests once and get themselves medically examined before appearing for exams just to avoid any rejection on such grounds.

Medical Examination Process

  • A candidate recommalesded by the Services Selection Board will go through a medical examination by a Board of Service Medical Officers.
  • females candidates will go through Medical Examination by a Medical Board comprising male/female doctors/specialists/Gynecologist. There will be a lady Medical Officer as member of Board.
  • The proceedings of the Medical Board will be kept confidential.
  • Candidates considered unfit will be intimated by the President of the Medical Board.
  • Candidates will also be intimated about the procedure for Appeal Medical Board.
  • Candidates considered unfit meanwhile Appeal Medical Board will be intimated about the provision of Review Medical Board.
  • Candidates considered unfit meanwhile Appeal Medical Board will be intimated about the provision of Review Medical Board.
  • Candidates must be Physically and malestally fit as per the pre planned standards. The thorough guidelines are stated below-

General Physical and Malestal Standards

  • Candidate must possess a sound physical and malestal health and free from any disease or disability which is likely in interfere with the outstanding performance of military duties.
  • It is said to go through a preliminary medical check-up for wax in ears, refractory mistake of eyes, fungal infection of skin and also gynaecomasties, etc for female candidates before reporting for the SSB interview.
  • A candidate must possess no past history of malestal breakdown or fits.
  • There must be no proof of weak constitution, bodily defects or under weight.
  • The candidate must not be overweight or fat.
  • Chest must be healthy.
  • The minimum range of expansion after full inspiration must be 5 cms.
  • X-Ray of the chest is compulsory and will be taken to rule out any disease of the chest.
  • There must be no disease of bones and joints of the body.

Height and Weight Standards

  • Minimum acceptable height for male candidates is 157.5 cms (157 for Navy and 162.5 cms for Air Force) .
  • For females candidates, minimum acceptable height is 152 cms.
  • For Gorkhas and individuals belonging to hills of North Eastern regions of India, Garhwal and Kumaon, minimum acceptable height will be 152.5 cms.
  • For candidates from Lakshadweep, minimum acceptable height can be reduced by 2 cms.
  • The above concessions are not applicable for Navy and Air Force
  • A ± 10 % (for Navy and Air force) departure from the average weight given in the table is considered within normal limit.
  • For individuals with heavy bones and broad build as well as individuals with thin but otherwise healthy, this limit may be further relaxed to some extent on merit.
  • Please refer the height weight chart released by UPSc for exact details.

Teeth Conditions

The candidates must possess sufficient number of natural and sound teeth.

A minimum of 14 dental points will be acceptable.

A candidate must not be suffering from severe pyorrhoea.

Ear, Nose and Throat Conditions

The hearing must be normal.

A candidate must be able to hear a forced whisper with each ear at a distance of 610 cms in a quite room.

There must be no proof of present or past disease of the ear, nose and throat.

Audiometric test will be done for AF. Audiometric loss must not exceed + 20 db in frequencies between 250Hz and 4000 Hz.

Vision Standards


  • A candidate must be able to read in a distant vision chart with each eye with or without glasses (For navy and Air Force without glasses only) .
  • Myopia must not be more than 3.5D
  • Hypermetropia must not be more than 3.5D covering Astigmatism.


  • A candidates must be able to read (better eye) and (worse eye) in a distant vision chart with or without glasses
  • Myopia must not be more than minus 5.5 covering Astogination.
  • Internal examination of the eye will be done by means of ophthalmoscope to rule out any disease of the eye.
  • A candidate must possess good binocular vision.
  • The colour vision standard will be CP-III.
  • A candidate must be able to recognise red and green colours.

Radial Keratotomy and Laser Surgery

  • Candidates who possess the proof of having go throughne Radial Keratotomy to enhance the visual acuity will be rejected for all the three services.
  • In orer to detect PRK or LASIK all the candidates at SMB will be subjected to the measuremalest of Axial length by A-Scan biometer.
  • Candidates who possess go throughne Laser Surgery for correction of refractive mistake will be considered for commission in Army if they fulfill following criteria:
  • Age must be more than 20 years.
  • Uncomplicated stable LASIK or Excimer (PRK) laser procedure done for Myopia or Hypermetropia, witha stable refraction for a period of 6 months after the procedure.
  • A healthy retina.
  • Corrected vision must be in better eye and in worse eye, with maximum residual refraction of + 1.50 in any meridian for myopia or hypermetropia.
  • Axial length within permissible limits.

Other Physical Ailmalests

  • There must be no signs of functional or organic disease of the heart and blood vessels.
  • Blood pressure must be normal.
  • The muscles of abdomales must be well developed and there must be no enlargemalest of liver or spleen.
  • Any proof of disease of internal organs of the abdomales will be a cause for rejection.
  • Un-operated hernias will make a candidate unfit. In case of Hernia which has been operated, a minimum of 1 year must possess passed prior to final medical examination.
  • There must be no hydrocele, varicocele or piles.
  • Urine examination will be done and any abnormality if detected will be a cause for rejection.
  • Any skin disease which cause disability or disfiguremalest will also be a cause for rejection.
  • For females candidates if pregnancy is detected at any stage, after selection at SSB or meanwhile training will debar the candidates covering issue less widow divorcee from grant of commission.

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