Terms for AFA, Hyderabad

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Candidates will be allowed to enter in the academy by 3 modes of entry namely: CDSE, NCC, and Airmen.

Candidates who apply for Air Force through more than one source are tested or interviewed at Air Force Selection Boards only one time.

Common candidates who fail in INS-B/PAB test as an NCC or Airman candidate are called again for OLQ testing for Army/Navy/OTA only, in case that he has applied through CDS Exam also.

Candidates who got selected will exposed to thorough training, based on the merit list ranking and available vacancy. The merit list will be dependent on the combined marks of the written examination plus an interview for UPSC candidates and only interview for NCC candidates.


The approximate duration of training for Flying Branch (Pilots) : 74 weeks.

Cost of Training

The cost of training will cover accommodations, books, uniforms, boarding and medical treatment incurred by Government.

Candidates need to meet their pocket expenses by themselves only.

If in any case a cadet՚s parents or guardian is unable to meet wholly or partly even this expenditure, financial help may be granted by the Government.

Eligibility for the grant will depend upon the parent՚s or guardian՚s income. The income should not exceed ₹ 750/-per month.

Any immovable property or other assets and income from all sources are also taken into account for determining the eligibility for financial assistance.

Application for financial help should be submitted after the final selection through the District Magistrate of his District who will forward the Application with his recommendation to the Commandant, Pre Flying Training Courses, Begumpet.

Monetary Deposit: Candidates finally selected for training at the Academy will be required to deposit the following amount on arrival:

Pocket allowance for 6 months at ₹ 140 pm: ₹ 840.00

For items of clothing and equipment: ₹ 1500.00

Total: ₹ 2340.00

Refundable Amount: Out of the amount quoted above, Pocket Allowances is however refundable to the candidate if financial help being given.


Air Force Group Insurance Society pays ₹ 1,00, 000/-for a monthly contribution of ₹ 800/-pm. As ex-gratia award to the next-of-kin of a flight cadet drawn from Civil life and undergoing flying training in an unfortunate eventuality.

If, flight cadet undergoing flying training is medically invalidated, he is phelp ₹ 20,000/-as ex gratia award for 100 % disability and this lowers down proportionately upto 20 % .

Once flight cadets are granted pay and allowances by government, the death cover is ₹ 50,000/-and the disability cover is ₹ 25,000/-for 100 % disability.

This cover is given by AFGIS on payment of monthly non-refundable contribution of ₹ 76/-by each flight cadet undergoing flying training for which membership is mandatory.

Career Prospects

When the training got over, the candidates pass out in the rank of Flying Officer and become entitled to the pay and allowance of the rank.

There are two types of promotions in the IAF: Grant of higher Acting rank and Substantive rank. Each high rank carries with it extra emolument.

Time scale promotion to the rank of Squadron Leader and Wing Commander is granted after successful completion of ten years of Flying (Pilot) branch and 20 years service respectively.

Grant of higher rank from Wing Commander and above is by selection carried out by duly constituted promotion boards.

Leave and Leave Travel Concession

Annual Leave: 60 days a year

Casual Leave: 20 days a year not more than 10 days at a time.

Officers are authorised encashment of Annual Leave upto 10 days alongwith LTC to the extent of a total 60 days in a career span to include incidental expenses on travel.

Other Privileges

The officers and their families will get a free medical help, accommodation on concessional rent, group insurance scheme, group housing scheme, family assistance scheme, canteen facilities etc.