Terms for IMA, Dehradun

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Before entering into the Academy, the candidates need to agree in writing:

  • The candidates will not get any compensation for injuries caused meanwhile the training process or for any complications like deformity or even death caused during the treatment for any injuries happened.
  • If the candidate is dismissed, discharged or withdrawn from the commission because of his or her actions he or she will be liable to refund the whole or part of the cost of tuition, food, clothing and pay & allowances, received.

Cost of Training

The Government pays for the cost of training including accommodations, books, uniforms, boarding and medical treatment.

Candidates are expected to meet their pocket expenses themselves.

Financial help may be granted by the Government for students from lower income families.

To receive the financial help, income of candidate՚s parent or guardian should not be more than ₹ 1500/-per month (₹ 2000/-per month if more than one son or ward simultaneously going through a training at NDA, IMA, OTA and corresponding training establishment in the Navy and Air Force)

Application for financial help should be submitted after the final selection through the District Magistrate of his District who will forward the Application with his recommendation to the Commandant, Officer՚s Training Academy, Chennai.

Monetary Deposit

Candidates finally selected for training at the Academy will be required to deposit the following amount on arrival:

  • Pocket allowance for 5 months at ₹ 200.00 p. m: ₹ 1000.00
  • For items of clothing and equipment: ₹ 2750.00
  • Total: ₹ 3750.00

Refundable Amount

For candidates receiving full financial help, the deposit for pocket allowance is completely refunded.

The unexpended portion of the outfit allowance will be handed over to the cadet on his being granted a commission or refunded to the State if he is not granted a commission.

Once a commission is granted, articles of clothing and essentials purchased from this allowance become the personal property of the cadet. Cadets who resign during the training, removed, withdrawn prior to commissioning will have to return the items.


Parshuram Bhau Patwardan Scholarship

  • Scholarship will be given to the cadets from Maharashtra and Karnataka.
  • Value of scholarship: 500.00 per year
  • Duration of scholarship: Cadet՚s entire stay at the Indian Military Academy.
  • It is subject to the cadet՚s making satisfactory progress.
  • The cadets who are granted this scholarship will not get any other financial help from the Government.

Colonel Kendal Frank Memorial Scholarship

The scholarship is awarded to Maratha cadets who should be the son of an ex-servicemen.

Value of scholarship: 360.00 per year.

The Scholarship is in addition to any financial help from the Government.


  • Candidates who got selected will go through a course of training of 18 months.
  • Gentlemen cadets are dealt with the ordinary disciplinary purposes under the rules and regulations of the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun.
  • No candidate are normally permitted to resign while they are under training. Also, Gentlemen Cadet resigning after the commencement of training may be allowed to proceed home if their resignation is accepted by Army HQ.
  • A Gentlemen or lady Cadet who is not considered suitable to complete the full course of training may be discharged with permission of the Government.
  • Commission will be granted only on successful completion of training. The date of commission will be that following the date of successful completion of training. Commission will be permanent.
  • On completion of the training Gentlemen Cadets will be granted Permanent Commission in the rank of Lt. Who are medically fit and in shape.


Posting: Army officers can be serve any where in India or abroad.

Substantive promotions: The service limits for the grant of the substantive promotion to higher ranks are stated below-

By Time Scale

  • Lieutenant-on completion of training.
  • Captain-2 years of reckonable commissioned service.
  • Major-6 years of reckonable commissioned service.
  • Lieutenant Colonel-13 years of reckonable commissioned service.
  • Colonel (TS) -26 years of reckonable commissioned service.

By Selection

  • Colonel-20 years of reckonable commissioned service.
  • Brigadier-23 years of reckonable commissioned service.
  • Major General-25 years of reckonable commissioned service.
  • Lieutenant Genral-28 years of reckonable commissioned service.
  • General-No restrictions

Acting Promotion

Officers who are eligible for the promotion to more higher ranks, when they completed minimum Service limits stated below in order to the availability of vacancies:

  • Captain-3 years
  • Major-6 years
  • Lt. Colonel-6 years
  • Colonel-8 years
  • Brigadier-12 years
  • Major General-20 years
  • Lt. Gen. 25 years.