Terms for NA, Goa

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Candidates, selected for training at the Academy will be appointed as cadets in the Executive Branch of the Navy.

Cost of Training

Training cost will cover all the accommodation and allied services, books, uniform, messing and medical treatment of the cadets of the Naval Academy will be incurred by the Government.

Parents as well as the guardians of cadets need to meet their pocket and other private expenses.

Financial help may be granted from the government, given that the cadet՚s parent or guardian has an income less than ₹ 1500 a month.

The financial help will be upto ₹ 140 a month.

Application form for financial help must be submitted to the District Magistrate of his District, who will with his recommendations, forward the application to the Director of Manpower Planning & Recruitment, Naval Headquarters, New Delhi-110011.

Monetary Deposit

They will be required to deposit the amount stated below:

Type of expenseAmount
Pocket expense₹ 3250
Toiletries, stationary, etc (one month) .₹ 650
Laundry, civilian bearer₹ 1750
Cinema, hair cutting, etc (one month) .₹ 350
Clothing and equipment₹ 2300
Meals and Misc expense₹ 200
Table money charge for cadet mess (5 months)₹ 1500
Total₹ 9000


Candidates who got selected are then appointed as cadets and go through a training in Naval ships and establishment as stated below:

Type of TrainingDuration
Naval Orientation Course at Naval Academy, Goa20 weeks
Cadets Training6 months
Midshipment (afloat training)6 months
Sub-Lieutenant (Technical course)12 months

Naval Watch Keeping Certificate

When the above mentioned trainings got over, the officers will be appointed on board Indian Naval ships for getting Naval Watch Keeping certificate atleast for a period of 6 months is crucial.

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