Terms for OTA, Chennai

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Before entering into the Academy, candidate need to agree in writing:

  • The candidate will not get any compensation for injuries caused in the training procedure or for any complications like deformity or even death caused during the treatment for any injuries happened.
  • If the candidate is dismissed, discharged or withdrawn from the commission because of his actions he will need to refund the whole or some part of the cost of tuition, food, clothing and pay & allowances.

Cost of Training

Government will pay all the cost of training covering accommodations, books, uniforms, boarding and medical treatment.

Candidates need to meet their pocket expenses by themselves only.

Financial help may be granted by the Government for students from lower income families.

To get the financial help, income of candidate՚s parent/guardian should not exceed ₹ 1500/-a month (₹ 2000/-a month if more than one son/ward simultaneously undergoing training at NDA, IMA, OTA and corresponding training establishment in the Navy and Air Force)

Application for financial help should be submitted after the final selection through the District Magistrate of his District who will forward the application with his recommendation to the Commandant, Officer՚s Training Academy, Chennai.

Monetary Deposit: Candidates finally selected for training at the Academy will be required to deposit the following amount on arrival:

Pocket allowance for three months at ₹ 1000.00 pm: ₹ 3000.00

For items of clothing and equipment: ₹ 5000.00

Group Insurance Coverage for two months: ₹ 2000

Total: ₹ 10000.00

Refundable Amount

For candidates receiving financial help, the deposit for clothing and equipment is refunded.

Outfit allowance may be provided from time to time.

Once a commission is granted, articles of clothing and essentials purchased from this allowance become the asonal proaty of the cadet. Cadets who resign while under training or who are removed or withdrawn prior to commissioning will have to return the items.


Candidates finally selected undergo a course of training for about 11 months.

Gentlemen or lady cadets are dealt with the ordinary disciplinary purposes under the rules and regulations of the Officer՚s Training Academy.

No candidate are normally amitted to resign while they are under training. However, Gentlemen Cadet resigning after the commencement of training may be allowed to proceed home if their resignation is accepted by Army HQ.

A Gentlemen or lady Cadet who is not considered suitable to complete the full course of training may be discharged with amission of the Government.

On joining OTA, candidates are not amitted to appear for any examination or interview, for any other type of commission or entry in the Army, Navy and Air Force or any other employment without resigning from the Academy and paying the cost of training.

Gentlemen cadets, who may resign from the Officers ′ Training Academy, Chennai to undergo pre-commission training at the IMA, Dehradun or corresponding cadet training establishment in Navy and Air Force, do not have to pay back the cost of training.

Commission is granted only on completion of training. The date of commission will be that following the date of successful completion of training.

On completion of training Gentlemen Cadets are granted Short Service Commission in the rank of Lt. Subject to being completely medically fit and in shape.


aiod of probation: An officer is on probation for a aiod of 6 months from the date he or she gets his or her Commission. If within the probationary aiod he or she is reported to be unsuitable to retain his/her commission, he or she may be terminated any time whether before or after the expiry of the probationary aiod.

Posting: Asonnel granted Short Service Commission are liable to serve anywhere in India and abroad on selected appointments as decided by IHQ MOD (Army) with time.

period of Appointment: Short Service Commission i.e.. . Male and Female in the regular Army is granted for 14 years i.e.. . For an initial aiod of 10 years extendable by a further aiod of 4 years.

  • However, male officers who are willing to continue to serve in the Army after the aiod of five years Short Service Commission may be considered for the grant of amanent Commission in the last year of their Short Service Commission.
  • Those SSC officers who are not selected for grant of PC but are otherwise considered fit and suitable, are given options to continue as SSCOs for a total aiod of 14 years (including the initial period of 5 years) on expiry of which they are released from the Army.
  • Women officers are not eligible for amanent commission. However, they can opt for extension of upto 14 years of service.
  • Special Provision for Release for SSC on Completion of 5th Year of Service:
  • SSC (Non-Tech) Male & Female Officers, who have not undergone or are not undergoing Degree Engineering Course or any other specialized course and want to leave the service after completion of five years service may apply to the Army HQs for release during the fifth year of service.
  • Army HQ considers the applications of such officers on merits and their decision is final and irrevocable. On approval, such officers are released from service on completion of 5th year of service.
  • Those SSC (Non-Tech) Male & Female Officers who have undergone or are undergoing Degree Engineering Course or any other specialised course are not released before expiry of full period of 14 years unless they pay the cost of training of such specialized course. They are required to sign a bond on being nominated for undertaking such courses/degrees.

Special Provisions during Extended period: During extended period, they are amitted to seek release from the Army on the following grounds:

  • Taking up civil job.
  • Pursuing higher education
  • Starting own business/Joining family business.

Substantive Promotion

SCCOS and Women granted Short Service Commission under these rules will be eligible for substantive promotion as under:

  • To the rank of Captain-on completion of 2 years of reckonable commissioned service.
  • To the rank of Major-on completion of 6 years reckonable commissioned service.
  • To the rank of Lieutenant Colonel-on completion of 13 years reckonable commissioned service.

Mandatory Conditions

Mandatory conditions for grant of above substantive ranks lhelp down for amanent Commissioned officers are also applicable to SSCOs and SSC women.

Adjustment of Seniority

To make adjustment for shorter training of SSCO՚s and SSC Women officers vis-à-vis PC officers, the seniority of SSC Women officers is discounted by the aiod corresponding to the difference in training aiod between the SSC course and the training aiod of its equivalent PC Course. This adjustment of seniority is carried out at the time of grant of first substantive rank of Captain. The revised seniority does not have any effect on the pay and allowances granted in the rank of Capt. Major and Lt. Col.

Reckonable Commissioned Service

Reckonable commissioned service for the purpose of these orders counts from the date of grant of Short Service commission to an officer.

The aiod of service forfeited by sentence of court Martial or by summary award under the Army Act and the aiod of absence without leave is not reckonable.

The aiod during which furlough rates of pay are drawn and the aiod of captivity at POWs rates of pay are reckonable.

The aiod of service for promotion lost by an officer in consequence of her having been granted leave without pay is also reckonable. Such an officer will, however become entitled to the pay and allowances of the higher substantive rank granted by the inclusion of this aiod only from the date on which she would have qualified by service if this aiod had not been so reckoned and not with effect from the date of grant of substantive rank.

Termination of Commission

An officer granted Short Service Commission is liable for 5 years but his or her Commission may be terminated at any time by the Government of India.

  • for misbehaviour or if services are found to be unsatisfactory; or
  • on ground of medical unfitness; or
  • if his or her services are no longer required; or
  • if he or she fails to qualify in any prescribed test or course.

An officer may on giving 3 months notice be amitted to resign his or her commission on compassionate grounds of which the Government of India will be the sole judge.

An officer who is amitted to resign his or her commission on compassionate grounds is not eligible for terminal gratuity.

Terminal Gratuity

SSCO recruited from civil side are entitled to terminal gratuity@ month՚s perks for each completed 6 monthly aiod of service.

Reserve Liability

On being released on the expiry of five years Short Service Commission or extension thereof they will carry a reserve liability for a aiod of five years or upto the age of 40 years whichever happens earlier.

Important Notes

All other terms and conditions of service where not at variance with the above provisions will be the same as for regular officers.

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