Telecommunication, Indian Railways, Rail Tracks, Railway Zones and Manufacturing Units

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First Telephone line was started between Kolkata And Diamond Harbour1851
First Telephone service was started at Kolkata1881
First Telephone exchange was opened at Kolkata With 50 lines1881
First International Telephone line was started between Mumbai and London1870
First Automatic Telephone exchange in Shimla Was opened at1913
Post and Telecommunication started1984
Total Post Offices (2000)1,55, 000 Quick Mail Service was started in 1975
Speed Post was started in1986
E-Post was started in2002

Indian Railways

The Indian Railways system is the largest in Asia and third in the world after U. S. , and Canada, it is the biggest employer in the world and largest public sector undertaking in India and it has the second biggest electrified system in the world after Russia. On April 16,1853 first train in India was opened between Bombay and Thana covering a distance of 34 km. Shatabdi Express is the latest super-fast train introduced in the Indian Railways. Deccan Queen is the first Electric train introduced in 1929. Life Line Express or Jeevan Rekha is the world՚s first hospital on wheels opened in Mumbai on 16th July 1991 to cater the medical needs of people in rural areas. For every financial year Railway Budget is presented by the Union Railway Minister in the Parliament.

Rail Tracks

Rail Tracks
TypeDistance between rails
Metre Gauge1.00 metre
Broad Gauge1.69 metre
Narrow Gauge0.77 metres

Railway Zones

There are nine zones in Indian Railways:

Railway Zones
ZonesOpened onHeadquarters
Central RailwayNov. 05,1958Mumbai
Eastern RailwayAug. 01,1955Kolkata
Northern RailwayApril 14,1952New Delhi
North-Eastern RailwayApril 14,1952Gorakpur
North-East FrontierJan. 15,1958Maligaon, Guwahati
Southern RailwayApril 14,1951Chennai
South-CentralOct. 02,1966Secunderabad
South-EasternAug. 01,1955Kolkata
Western RailwayNov. 05,1955Mumbai (Church Gate)

The following seven additional zonal offices were created out of existing zones.

Railway New Zones
New ZonesOpened onHeadquarters
East-Coast RailwayAug. 08,1996Bhubaneshwar
North-Central RailwayAug. 28,1996Allahabad
East-Central RailwaySep. 08,1996Hajipur
North-Western RailwayOct. 10,1996Jaipur
South-Western RailwayNov. 01,1996Bangalore
West-Central RailwayDec. 12,1996Jabalpur
South-East Central Rly.Sep. 09,1998Bilaspur

Railway Manufacturing Units

Railway Manufacturing Units
Est in NameLocationItems manufactured
1950 ChittaranjanChittaranjanLocomotives Locomotive Works
1955 Integral CoachPeramburCoaches Factory
1964 Diesel LocomotiveVaranasiLocomotives Works
1983 Wheel & AxleYelahankaWheels & axes
Plant DieselPatialaComponents of diesel Component Works engines
1988 Rail Coach FactoryKapurthalaCoaches, wagons & spl. containers

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