CDS Exam: Fields of Scientific Studies E

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Fields of Scientific Study: E

  • Egyptology: Study of ancient egypt
  • Ekistics: Study of human settlement
  • Electrochemistry: Study of relations between electricity and chemicals
  • Electrology: Study of electricity
  • Electrostatics: Study of static electricity
  • Embryology: Study of embryos
  • Emetology: Study of vomiting
  • Emmenology: The study of menstruation
  • Endemiology: Study of local diseases
  • Endocrinology: Study of glands
  • Enigmatology: Study of enigmas
  • Entomology: Study of insects
  • Entozoology: Study of parasites that live inside larger organisms
  • Enzymology: Study of enzymes
  • Ephebiatrics: Branch of medicine dealing with adolescence
  • Epidemiology: Study of diseases; epidemics

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