CDS Exam: Important Facts to Know in History (Part 3 of 3)

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  1. Mughal Dynasty (1526 − 1540and 1555 − 1857)
    1. Babur (1526 − 1530)
    2. Humayum
    3. Sher Shah Suri (1540 − 45)
    4. Akber (1556 − 1605)
    5. Jahangir (1605 − 1627)
    6. Shah Jahan (1628 − 1658)
    7. Aurangzeb (1658 − 1707)
  2. BABUR:
    1. Founder of Mughal Empire
    2. 1st battle of panipat between Babur and Ibrahim lodhi
    1. Son of Babur
    2. Humayun Tomb at Delhi- 1st Mughal Monument
    1. He was an Afghan
    2. Introduced a brilliant administration
    3. Issued a coin called ‘Rupia’
    4. Build Grand Trunk Road Linking Peshawar to Calcatta
  5. AKBAR:
    1. Eldest son of Humayun
    2. Real founded of Mughal empire
    3. Good works done by him
    4. Popular for his toleration
    5. Foundation of Din-e-illahi (code of conduct)
    6. Akbar Tomb-Sikandria
    7. Largest building built called ‘Agra Forte’
    8. Abdul Fazal was a famous Poat who has written Aaine-Akbari, Akbar-Name
    1. Real name Salim
    2. Son of Akbar
    3. He is known for his strict administration of Justice
    4. He married Mehr-un-nissa or Nurjahan in 1661.
    5. Jahangir՚s Tomb built at Lohore
    6. Exeecuted Guru Arjun Dev at the advice of Chand Singh
    1. Son of jahangir
    2. His wife Mumtaz Mahal died in 1631
    3. Built Taj Mahal in her memory in Agra
    4. Known for promotion of Art
    5. ‘Red Fort’ and ‘Jama Masjid’ got built by him
    6. Shah Jahan was imprisoned by his third son Aurangzeb till he died in 1666
    1. Third son of shah jahan
    2. Ruled for 50 years and he was a cruel king
    3. Banned all religious festival and demolished Hindu Temples
    4. Executed Guru Teg Bahadur Ji (9th Guru) when he refused to embrace Islam
  9. NADIR SHAH: A Persian King during the region of Mohamd Shah took the ‘Kohinoor’ diamond to Afghanistan
  10. Who was the first Governor of free India-Lord Mountbatten
  11. Who was the first Governor General of free India-C Rajagopalchari
  12. Who was the first Governor of free British India-Warren Hasting (1772 − 1793)
  13. Who was the first father of Civil Service in India-Lord Cornwallis (1786 − 1793)
  14. Who abolished sati Pratha and other cruel rites-Lord W Bentick with the help of Raja ram Mohan Rai in 1829
  15. Who introduced Widow remarriage Act. In 1856-Lord Dalhousie
  16. TRAI-Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
  17. VAS-Voluntary Retirement Scheme
  18. VAT-Value Added Tex
  19. STD-Subscriber՚s Trunk Dialing
  20. ISD-Internationl Subscriber՚s Dialing
  21. PAN-Permanent Account Number
  22. PIN-Postal Index Number
  23. NATO-North Atlantic treaty Organization
  24. SAARC-South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation.
  25. C. R. R. Cash Reserve Ratio.
  26. I. S. R. O. Indian Space Research Organization.
  27. NASA-National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
  28. V. D. I. S. Voluntary Disclosure Income Scheme
  29. P. C. O. Public Call Office
  30. L. P. G. Liquefied Petroleum gas
  31. C. T. B. T. Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
  32. V. P. P. Value Payable Post
  33. L. C. A. Light Combat Aircraft.
  34. P. O. W. Prisoner of War.
  35. T. E. L. E. X-Teleprint Exchange.
  36. L. C. C-Line of Actual Control.
  37. CNG-Compressed Natural Gas.
  38. SMS-Short Messaging Service.
  39. OAPEC-Organization of Arab Peteoleum Exporting Copuriers.
  40. OPEC-Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
  41. Interpol-International Crimunal Police Organisatiom it՚s headquarter is in Lyons (Paris)
  42. Who was the first man go to space-Yuri Gagran
  43. Who was the first Indian go to in Space-Rakesh
  44. Who was the first Indian woman go to in Space-Kalpna Chawla.
  45. Who was the first man land on moon-Neil Armstrong on 21, July, 1969.
  46. Bangalore is the Silicon City of the India.
  47. Hyderabad is the hil-Tec. City of India.
  48. 2004 Olympics to be held in Athens.
  49. Misslie man of the India-A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Azad.
  50. Capital of Fiji-Suva.
  51. World՚s largest river in South America՚s Amazon which flows into South Atlantic. The source is Glacier-Fed-Lakes.
  52. Which of the first Indian state to be recognized on the basis of language-Andhra Pardesh.
  53. When were the Indian states re-organized on linguist basis-1956.
  54. Which scheduled deals with matters relating to anti defection- 10th
  55. Which scientist laid the foundation of atomic energy research in India-Homi J. Bhabha.
  56. Which branch of science studies the relationship between matter and energy-Physics.
  57. Which planet have no atmosphere-Mercury
  58. Convex lenses are used for correction of-Short Sightedness
  59. Which mirror is used as a rear view mirror in vehicles-Conves
  60. Filament of an electric bulb is maid of-Tungsten
  61. The oil in the wick of an oil lamp rises up due to-Capillary action
  62. The best conductor of heat-Silver
  63. A radar which defects the presence of an enemy air craft uses-Radio Waves
  64. Velocity of round is maximum in-Steel
  65. The terminal colure of Rainbow are-Rd & Blue
  66. The gas extinguish fire is-Carbon Monoxide
  67. The purest form of carbon is-Diamond.

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