Combined Defence Service Exam, 2012 (General Knowledge) -Part 2

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Q. An athlete diving off a springboard perform a variety of exercises in the air before entering the water below which one of the following parameters will remain constant during the fall?

a) The athlete’s linear momentum

b) The athlete’s moment of inertia

c) The athlete’s Kinetic energy

d) The athlete’s angular momentum

Answer: D

Q. Lf an object having mass of 1 kg is subjected to a force of 1 N it moves with ____

a) A speed of 1M/s

b) A speed of 1km/s

c) An acceleration of 10m/S2

d) An acceleration of 1m/S2

Answer: D

Q. The apparent of a steel sphere immersed in various liquids measured using a spring balance the greatest reading is obtained for the Liquid

a) Having the smallest density

b) Having the largest density

c) In which the sphere was submerged deepest

d) Having the greatest Volume

Answer: A

Q. The law enforcement agencies use a chemical test approximate person’s blood alcohol level. The person undergoing the test blows into the mouthpiece of a containing sodium dichromate solution in acidic medium. A chemical reaction with ethanol changes the colour of the solution from

a) Orange to Green

b) Orange to colourless

C) Yellow to Orange

D) Colourless to orange

Answer: A

Q. Raw mangoes shrivel when pickled in brine. The phenomenon is associated with___

a) Osmosis

b) Reverse Osmosis

c) Increase of Surfaces tension of fluid

d) Decrease of Surface tension of fluid.

Answer: A

Q. Which among the following is the correct increasing order of pH found in human body?

a) Gastric, juice, Saliva, blood

b) Blood, Saliva, Gastric juice

c) Saliva, Blood, Gastric juice

d) Gastric juice, Blood, Saliva

Answer: A

Q. Which of the following is not a periodic property i.e., does not show any trend on moving from one side to the other in the periodic table?

a) Atomic size

b) Valence

c) Radioactivity

d) Electronegativity

Answer: C

Q. Which of the following statement is not correct regarding the Armed Forces (Special powers) Act?

a) It gives Army officers acting under the Act legal immunity for their action

b) The Act confers Armed Forces Special Powers in operating the Nasals

c) There has been widespread agitation against the Act

d) Justice (Retd) B.P Jeevan Reddy Committee was constituted to review the Act

Answer: B

Q. In which one of the following pairs to states has the India Army lunched, Operation Good Samaritan,

a) Assam and Manipur

b) Manipur and Nagaland

c) Assam and Nagaland

d) Manipur and Jammu and Kashmir

Answer: D

Q. Which amongst the following countries is the largest troop contributor to the United Nation peace Keeping Mission?

a) India

b) China

c) Pakistan

d) Bangladesh

Answer: A

Q. Who among the following sport stars was conferred honorary Lieutenant colonel rank by the Territorial Army?

a) Sachin Tendulkar

b) Kepi Dev.

c) Avian Bindra

d) Saina Nehwal

Answer: B