Combined Defence Service Exam, 2012 (General Knowledge) -Part 3

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Q. A woman desires to clean the surface of her gold ornaments by a chemical approach. For this she requires to use___

A. Aqua regia

B. Concentrated H2SO4

C. Concentrated NaOH

D. Sodium thiosulphate solution

Answer: B

Q. A diffraction pattern is obtained using a beam of red light which on among the following will be the outcome if the red light is replaced by blue light?

A. Bands disappear

B. Diffraction pattern becomes broader and further apart

C. Diffraction pattern becomes narrower and crowded together

D. No change

Answer: C

Q. Which one the following is the correct sequence of the given tiger reserve of India from North to South?

A. Dudwa-Kanha-Indrāvati-Bandipur

B. Kanha- Bandipur-Dudwa-Bandipur

C. Indrāvati-Kanha-Dudwa-Bandipur

D. Dudwa- Kanha- Bandipur-Indrāvati

Answer: A

Q. The important of the president of India can be initiated in___

A. Either house of the parliament

B. A joint sitting of both houses of parliament

C. The Lok Sabha alone

D. The Rajya Sabha alone

Answer: A

Q. Which one the following was not a result of British Colonial Rule in India?

A. Ruin of Indian agriculture

B. Ruin of Indian Industries

C. Ruin of Indian Trade

D. Ruin of Indian feudalism

Answer: D

Q. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

A. Krishi- Warm Ocean –Current

B. Labrador – Warm Ocean Current

C. Benguela –Cold Ocean Current

D. Yoshiro- Cold Ocean Current

Answer: B

Q. Which one among the following is the idealized global pattern of surface wing from the Equator to pole?

A. Doldrums- Westerly’s Trade wing –Easterlies

B. Easterlies – Westerly’s – Trade wind – Doldrums

C. Doldrums – Trade wing Westerly’s- Easterlies

D. Westerly’s – Trade wing Doldrums- Easterlies

Answer: C

Q. Which one among the following has been producing/can produce light by a chemical change?

A. Sun

B. Moon

C. Electric bulb

D. Lightning and thunder

Answer: A

Q. What is the given data centre?

A. A data centre created by environments to keep record of green technology, clean production techniques

B. A repository for the storage management and dissemination of mechanical, lighting, electrical and computer system development to optimize energy efficiency and environments

C. A data centre for green building for optimizing of power consumption using energy efficient technology

D. A repository providing information about details of small scale industries adopting energy efficient measures

Answer: B

Q. In IP spoofing___

A. Secret data are illegally distributed through computer works

B. Cyber criminals attack another computer by identifying the electronic identity of a trusted machine in order to mark his own true electronic identity

C. Data confidentiality is achieved using cryptographic and stenographic algorithms

D. Cyber terrorist, cyber fraud or cyber-crimes are identified

Answer: B

Q. Which one among the following animal tissues transports hormones and heat and maintains water balance?

A. Connective tissue

B. Muscular tissue

C. Blood

D. Nervous tissue

Answer: C

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