Combined Defence Service Exam, 2012 (General Knowledge) -Part 4

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Cattle are capable of digesting cellulose present in the grass and/or fodder that they eat this ability is attributed to the____

A. Presence of cellulose degrading bacteria in the rumen

B. Producing of cellulose by the cattle rumen

C. Acids present in the rumen

D. Prolonged retention of cellulose in the rumen

Answer: A

Why are pregnant women recommended substantial intake of Green leafy vegetables in their diet, especially in the IST trimester?

A. They, are rich source of Chlorophyll

B. They are rich source of lecithin

C. They are rich source of folic acid which is required for DNA synthesis

D. They are rich source of essential fatty acids required cell anabolism

Answer: C

Human body‘s main organ of balance is located in____

A. Inner part of ear

B. Middle part of ear

C. Front part of ear

D. Top part of vertebral column

Answer: A

What is the most conspicuous salient feature of people with progeria?

A. More hairs on body

B. Less immunity to opportunistic infections

C. Faster rate of aging

D. Suffer from infertility

Answer: C

A deficiency of which one of the following minerals is most likely to lead to an immunodeficiency?

A. Calcium

B. Zinc

C. Lead

D. Copper

Answer: A

Which one of the following is not a mixture?

A. Toothpaste

B. Toilet soap

C. Baking soda

D. Vinegar

Answer: C

Which one of the following statements regarding the revolt of 1857 is not correct?

A. The revolt was supported whole – heartedly by the educated elite Indian everywhere

B. The diverse elements which took part in the revolt ware united by their hatred of British Rule

C. The role of Hindu-Muslim unity in the revolt was acknowledged by many Including British officials

D. The revolt did not spread to South India

Answer: A

Prior to 1813. Which among the following measures was not adopted by the British to exploit the Indians economically?

A. Monopolizing the trade of raw goods wherever possible and selling them at high rates

B. Forcing Indians craftsmen to produce quality products in fixed quantity and at fixed price

C. Free trade Policy

D. Elimination of Indian traders from competition by every means

Answer: C

Which one among the following prompted Rabindranath tag ore to surrendra his tile of ‘sir’?

A. The Passing of the Row at Act

B. The Passing of the Act of 1919

C. To support Mahatma Gandhi‘s Satyagraha Movement

D. To protest against the massacre at Jallianwallahbag the imposition of martial law in Punjab

Answer: D

Which one among the following sums up Marx’s view about history?

A. History is a record of the wars between various people

B. History is a succession of struggle between the oppressor and the oppressor classes

C. History is a faithful record of the past events

D. None of the above

Answer: B

During the year 2009 – 10, which one of the following sector experienced negative growth rate in India?

A. Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

B. Construction

C. Mining and Quarrying

D. Manufacturing

Answer: A

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