Combined Defence Service Exam, 2012 (General Knowledge) -Part 5

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Q. What are the new issues that dominate the middle class led social agenda today?

A. Price rise, Progressive taxation and the Indo USA nuclear deal

B. Acute deprivation malnourishment and famines

C. Dowry deaths gender inequalities and price rise

D. Illiteracy, poverty and infant mortality

Answer: A

Q. What is the minimum mandate of a democratic government?

A. Respond to on –going priorities in public criticism and threats to survival by decisive public action

B. Respond to demands to demand of middle class pressure groups on an urgent basis

C. Preempt social agitation by enacting sensitive laws

D. Attend to severity threats threaten national sovereignty

Answer: B

Q. What does the author mean by nyaya?

A. Judiciary and Judicial processes

B. The rule of law and the constitution

C. A concept of justice that combines of justice with the practices of democracy

D. Universal theories of justice that are applicable as standards in all societies

Answer: C

Q. Mosquito can be a vector for following diseases except___

A. Yellow fever

B. Dengue fever

C. Filarial

D. Kala –Azar

Answer: D

Q. Which one following is the correct sequence of increasing velocity of wind?

A. Light breeze-Fresh breeze – Gale – Hurricane

B. Fresh breeze – breeze Hurricane

C. Light breeze – Gale – Fresh breeze Hurricane

D. Hurricane Light breeze – Gale – Fresh breeze

Answer: A

Q. Which one of the following mountain ranges separates Europe from Asia?

A. Apennine

B. Black Forest

C. Ural

D. Suleiman

Answer: C

Q. Which one among the following is not a Baltic nation?

A. Latvia

B. Slovakia

C. Lithuania

D. Estonia

Answer: B

Q. Which one of the following Indian company has recently acquired A fireman mobile service operations in fifteen countries from Zain?

A. Bharti – Airtel

B. Tata Teleservices

C. Reliance communication

D. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

Answer: A

Q. Zero Hour in the Indian parliament start at?

A. First hour of the sitting

B. Last hour of the sitting

C. 12. 00 noon

D. No fixed timing

Answer: D

Q. An inconvenient truth Is a film directed by AI Gore to promote public awareness about _____

A. Terrorism

B. Global Warming

C. Nuclear threats

D. Communication

Answer: B

Q. During the Indian monsoon season___

A. The westerly jet stream alone exists in the Indian region

B. The easterly jet stream along exists in the Indian region

C. Both westerly and easterly jet streams exist in the Indian region

D. Both westerly and easterly jet streams disappear

Answer: C

Q. Which one of the following is correct sequence of the following topographical features found river upper to lower course of a river?

A. Ox – bow lake – Rapids – Estuary

B. Rapids – Estuary – Ox – bow lake

C. Rapids-Estuary –Ox-bow lake

D. Estuary – Ox Bow Lake – Rapids

Answer: C