CDS Exam 2016 English Sample Paper Spotting Errors, Antonyms, and Synonyms

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Spotting Errors

Each question in this section has a sentence with three underlined parts labelled A. , B. , C. .

Read each sentence to find out whether there is any error in any part and indicate your response in the Answer sheet against the corresponding letter i.e.. a, b, c If you find no error, your response should be indicated as D.

1. Though she was sick A. but B. / she went to work. C. I No error D.

2. They left A. / their luggages B. / at the railway station. C. / No error D.

3. Books which would have been unintelligible to us at fourteen A. / delight and interest us B. / in our twenty. C. / No error D.

4. As soon as the teacher entered, A. everyone fell B. / in a silence. C. / No error D.

5. Somewhere along the line A. / I lost track of B. /what Ashish said C. /about heart ailments. D. / No error (e)

6. After toiling very hardly A. / over a long period of time B. / he found that people recognized him as a successful person. C. / No error D.

7. Both optimists and pessimists contribute to society; A. /the optimist invents the aero plane. B. / the pessimist parachute. C. / No error D.

8. If I was you A. I would not have B. I committed this blunder. C. / No error D.

9. Beside chocolates. A. / they also bought B. I many toys for the child. C. / No error D.

10. The Prime Minister has said that India would not have spent so much on defence A. / if some of the neigh boring countries B. / adopted the policy of restricting defence expenditure. C. / No error D.

11. I have not A. / played cricket B. / since I have left college. C. / No error D.

12. Twice twelve A. / makes B. / twenty four. C. / No error D.

13. The child A. / picked up a burned paper B. / from the street. C. / No error D.

14. Students should work A. / hard in order to B. / build their carrier. C. / No error D.

15. The polling was marred A. / at many a place B. / by attempts at nigging. C. / No

error D.

16. Jack has a far more expensive A. / and luxurious apartment B. / than John՚s. C.

/No error D.

17. The statement made by the writer A. appears to be incorrect B. / as Gandhiji was never born in Ahmadabad. C. / No error D.

18. Children who have had A. / good pre-school education B. / are most likely to

Out to do C. / other children at school. / No error D.

19. A group of friends A. / want to visit B. the new plant as early as possible. C. No error D.

20. The verbal statement of the witness A. / differed greatly B. /from his written statement. C. / No error D.


Directions: Each item in this section consists of a word in capital letters followed by four words as A. , B. , C. & D. . Select the word which is most nearly the same in meaning as original word and mark the correct response as A. , B. , C. , D. as the case may, in your Answer sheet.


A. Progressive

B. Selfish

C. Benevolent

D. Inhumane


A. Complex

B. D read

C. Boor

D. Broke


A. Explosion

B. Devastation

C. Discomfiture

D. Abundance


A. Thrift

B. Satisfaction

C. Deceive

D. Pretend


A. Victory

B. Adventure

C. Reward

D. Punishment


Directions: Each item in this section consists of a word in a capital letters followed by four words or phrases as A. , B. , C. & D. . Select the word or phrases which is nearly opposite to the meaning of the original word and mark the correct response as A, B. , C. , D. as the case may be in your Answer sheet.


A. Uncivilized

B. Polite

C. Miserly

D. Abhor


A. Eliminate

B. Forbid

C. Doubtful

D. Allow


A. Worsen

B. Improve

C. Block

D. Horrible


A. Sensitive

B. Insensitive

C. Retribution

D. Cooperation


A. Moody

B. Diffuse

C. Boorish

D. Cheerful