CDS Exam 2016 English Sample Paper Ordering of Sentences and One Word Substitution

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Arrange the Sentences

Directions: In the following items, some part of the sentence have been jumbled up. You are required to re- arrange these parts which are labelled as A, B, C & D to produce the correct sentences and 1 & 6 to form a logical sequence. Choose the proper sequence and mark in you answer sheet accordingly

37.1. With less than four months to go, the outlook is not bright for the second Earth Summit.

A. The first such meeting was in New York last year.

B. Good intentions are not lacking.

C. But the implementation agenda and the funding — getting developed countries to put their money where it matters — are the main sore points.

D. As countries head for the final of four preparatory committee meetings in Indonesia later this month, the attempt is to begin three days earlier than scheduled to Iron out what hasn՚t been possible in a year.

6. UN Environment Programme executive director Klaus Topfer, in Delhi last week, admitted the problems.





38.1. Such a policy seems to work in the US, where a drop in interest rates leads to rise in consumer spending and helps manufactures and service providers expand their business.

A. This is because the US is a debt laden, consumer society.

B. And, this has been made possible for two reasons.

C. One, US consumers have the confidence, and the ability, to get another job if they lose theirs.

D. Because they have a common language unlike in most other countries, including India which perhaps has the highest number of languages, thereby restricting mobility.

6. Also because, they have few land control laws unlike In India where laws that protect existing bunch of tenants serve to deprive future generation of potential tenants from obtaining a house.





39.1. And this brings me to the point at which I asked

A. On the whole, it must be admitted, we do very little.

B. But more and better machines will only give us still more time and still more energy, and what are we to do with them?

C. The answer, I think, is that we should try to become more civilized.

D. “What do we do with all the time which the machines have saved for us and the new energy they have given us?”

6. For the machines themselves, and the power which the machines have given us, are not civilization but aids to civilization.





40.1. Reservation should not exceed 50 % for the civil services for want of balance and efficiency.

A. If reservation is 50 % , it is adequate for aspirants from reserved category and even unreserved category gets an equal opportunity.

B. The number of aspirants to the civil services in India is very large and they come from various socio — economic backgrounds.

C. These aspirants come from both reserved and unreserved category.

D. But if reservation were to exceed 50 % mark, a lot of deserving candidates from unreserved category would be deprived of a chance.

6. Thus, to achieve optimum efficiency, it is essential to maintain a maximum of 50 % reservation.





One Word Substitution

Directions: In each of the following sentences, choose the response A. , B. , C. , or D. which most nearly expresses its meaning.

41. The general act of forgiveness on a national occasion.

A. Benediction

B. Amnesty

C. Emancipation

D. Gratification

42. He cannot live in a closed apartment. He is ________

A. Claustrophobic

B. Congested

C. Acrophobic

D. Coprastasophobic

43. The new sales man talks a lot, often about stuff that only he thinks is interesting. No one likes a ________man like him.

A. Loquacious

B. Garrulous

C. Verbose

D. Tacit

44. Something which cannot be avoided

A. Unavoidable

B. Inimitable

C. Inevitable

D. Unevitable

45. To push roughly against somebody In a crow D.

A. Shove

B. manhandle

C. Bump

D. jostle