CDS Exam 2016 English Sample Paper Reading Comprehension

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Reading Comprehension

Directions: In this section you have five short passages. After each passage you will find some questions based on this passage. First, read a passage and answer the questions based on it. You are required to select your answers based on the contents of the passage and opinion of the author only.

Passage 1

Sometimes we went off the road and on a path through the pine forest. The floor of the forest was soft to walk on; the frost did not happen it as it did the road. But we did not mind the hardness of the road because we had nails in the soles and heels nails bit on the frozen ruts and with nailed boots it was good walking on the road and invigorating. It was lovely walking in the woods.

46. Frozen ruts՚ means

A. very cold roads

B. wheel marks in which frost had become hard

C. the road covered with frost

D. hard roads covered with snow

47. The floor of the forest was soft because

A. the forest did not harden it on account of trees

B. the travellers were wearing boots

C. the shoes had nails on their sole and heel

D. they enjoyed walking in the woods

48. We did not mind the hardness of road because

A. we had nailed boots on

B. it was good walking on the road

C. the walk was refreshing

D. the nails bit on the frozen roads

49. We found great joy on account of

A. wearing nailed boots

B. the good long walk on the road

C. walking occasionally through the forest

D. walking on frost with nailed boots on

50. Sometimes we walked through the pine forest as

A. the path was unaffected by the frost

B. it was good walking with nails in the boots

C. the walks was invigorating

D. it was sheer joy to walk in the forest