CDS Exam 2016 English Sample Paper English Improvement

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Sentence Improvement

85. Other countries have eradicated this disease ten years ago.

A. eradicated

B. had eradicated

C. did eradicated

D. No improvement

Directions: Question 86 to 90 are given below pick out the most effective words to fill in the blanks to make the sentence meaningfully completely.

86. When I was a child, I to school every day instead going by cycle.

A. had walked

B. walked

C. have walked

D. have been walking

87. He old Nature versus debate regarding crime continues even today.

A. Man

B. Universe

C. Culture

D. Nurture

88. According to corporate circles data is pushing through the merger to create financially company in the processed foods business, the group՚s thrust area for the 1990՚s

A. acceptable

B. powerful

C. leading

D. Straight

89. After the rain the weather … and the sun came out.

A. cleared out

B. cleared up

C. cleared away

D. cleared off

90. The criminal seems to have acted in … the three others.

A. collusion

B. coalition

C. collision

D. cohesion

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