CDS Exam 2016 General Knowledge Sample Paper Part-2

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14. Actinides are the elements with atomic numbers from

(A) 97 to 104

(B) 101 to 115

(C) 89 to 103

(D) 36 from 43

15. The chemical (ethyl mercaptan) added to the otherwise odorless LPG cooking gas for imparting a detectable smell to the gas is a compound of

(A) bromine

(B) fluorine

(C) chlorine

(D) Sulphur

16. Very small time intervals are accurately measure by

(A) White dwarfs

(B) Quartz docks

(C) Atomic clocks

(D) Pulsars

17. In an atomic explosion, enormous energy is released which is due to

(A) conversion of chemical energy into heat energy

(B) conversion of mechanical energy into nuclear energy

(C) conversion of mass into energy

(D) conversion of neutrons into protons

18. Which radioactive pollutant has recently drawn to public, due to its occurrence in the building material?

(A) Thorium

(B) Radium

(C) Plutonium

(D) Radan

18. Which of the following has a least penetrating power?

(A) All have same penetrating power

(B) Beta Part ides

(C) Alpha particles

(D) Gamma rays

19. The dark lines in the solar spectrum are due to

(A) absorption of corresponding wavelengths by the outer layers of the sun

(B) destructive interference between waves of certain definite wavelengths

(C) absorption of corresponding wavelengths by the prism used in the photograph

(D) absence of corresponding wavelengths from the light emitted by the core of the sun

21. According to Avogadro՚s Hypothesis, the smallest particle of an element or a compound, that can exist independently, is called ________.

(A) a molecule

(B) a cation

(C) an anion

(D) an atom

22. Epoxy resins are used as

(A) detergents

(B) insecticides

(C) adhesives

(D) moth repellents

23. How does common salt help in separating soap from the solution after saponification?

(A) By decreasing density of Soap

(B) By decreasing solubility of Soap

(C) By increasing density of Soap

(D) By increasing solubility of Soap

24. Gypsum is added to cement clinker to

(A) increase the tensile strength of cement

(B) decrease the rate of setting of cement

(C) facilitate the formation of colloidal gel

(D) bind the particles of calcium silicate

25. On which one of the following conservation laws, does a rocket work?

(A) Mass

(B) Energy

(C) Linear momentum

(D) Angular momentum