CDS Exam 2016 General Knowledge Sample Paper Part-7

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60. Bhagavata Mela, a folk form of performing arts is native to:

(A) Andhra Pradesh

(B) Karnataka

(C) Kerala

(D) Tamil Nadu

61. Which Act is associated with “Courts can interpret the rules and regulations.” ?

(A) Regulating Act of 1773

(B) Pitts India Act of 1784

(C) Pitts India Act of 1784

(D) Charter Act of 1893

62. The first statute for the governance of India, under the direct ruleof the British Government, was the

(A) Govemment of India Act. 1858

(A) Govemment of India Act. 1861

(B) Government of India Act. 1892

(D) Government of India Act, 1915

63. ″ The Constitution should give India Domination Status, was a proposal in?

(A) Cabinet Mission Plan

(B) Cripps Mission

(C) The Mountbatten Plan

(D) Simon Commission

64. In which Constitutional Amendment Act An authoritative text of the Constitution ii Hindi was provided to the people of India by the President?

(A) 57th Constitutional Amendment Act, 1987

(B) 58th Constitutional Amendment Act, 1987

(C) 59th Constitutional Amendment Act, 1988

(D) 61st Constitutional Amendment Act, 1988

65. A bill which contains only provisions dealing with the imposition, repeal, remission, alteration or regulation of taxes is called?

(A) Locus Standi

(B) Money Bill

(C) Motion

(D) Ordinanace


66. Which of the following factors are responsible for the rapid growth of sugar production in south India as compared to north India?

I. Higher per acre field of sugarcane

II. Higher sucrose content of sugarcane

III. Lower labour cost

IV. Longer crushing period

(A) I and II

(B) I, II and III

(C) I, III and IV

(D) I, II and IV

67. Which among the following is/are the major factor/factors responsible for the monsoon typed climate in India?

I. Location

II. Thermal contrast

III. Upper air circulation

IV. Inter-tropical convergence zone

(A) I


(C) II, II and IV

(D) I, II, III and IV

68. The most plausible explanation for the location of the That desert in western India is

(A) the obstruction caused by the Aravalis to the rain-bearing wind that proceeds to the Ganga Valley

(B) the evaporation of moisture by heat

(C) the absence of mountains to the north of Rajasthan to cause orographic rainfall in it

(D) that the moisture carried by the South-west monsoon is driven away by the dry upper air current

69. which atomic power station in India is built completely indigenously?

(A) Kalpakkam

(B) Narora

(C) Rawat Bhata

(D) Tara pore

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