CDS Exam: Sentence Completion Questions (Practice_Test 21 of 31)

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Questions below are sentence completion questions. Choose the answer which contains the words that best fit the blanks and complete the meaning of given sentence.

  1. For several days she had a feeling of tiredness and general ________ and feared that these vague symptoms might ________ the onset of something more serious.
    1. pain-indicate
    2. malaise-portend
    3. weakness-tender
    4. senility-reflect
    5. impotence-prevent
  2. When interviewed for a magazine article the ________ claimed that he had joined the cult of his own volition, but his parents said that he had been ________ and had heard of organization so recently that he could not have made a rational decision.
    1. affiliate-indicted
    2. polygamist-consecrated
    3. neophyte-seduced
    4. inductee-perverted
    5. novice-absolved
  3. The client took ________ the lawyer՚s ________ tone and threatened to change to another law firm if he wasn՚t treated with more respect and consideration.
    1. issue with-seductive
    2. comfort in-sanguinary
    3. fright at-disputatious
    4. offence at-benevolent
    5. umbrage at-arrogant
  4. The accident investigation team concluded that the failure to follow safety procedure was not a minor ________; it was a (n) ________ error and deserved the strongest punishment.
    1. transgression-egregious
    2. escapade-accidental
    3. subterfuge-tenuous
    4. matter-potent
    5. infraction-specious
  5. Alpha՚s ________ was damaged by water leakage and not, as was initially reported, by a (n) ________ attack by someone who disapproved of painting՚s theme.
    1. pastiche-sanctimonious
    2. portrait-retaliatory
    3. edict-tendentious
    4. mural-malicious
    5. library-unwarranted
  6. The therapist was ________ in her adherence to Freudianism and ________ that anyone who wanted to work with her would have to tow the same line.
    1. fractious-pontificated
    2. orthodox-verified
    3. didactic-denied
    4. dogmatic-averred
    5. hesitant-announced
  7. When we were at Stanford together, we knew alpha as an ________ with a (n) ________ outlook on life, and so we were shocked to learn that in later life he suffered from depression and avoided contact with all his former friends.
    1. introvert-subversive
    2. extrovert-sanguine
    3. malcontent-regressive
    4. demagogue-arrogant
    5. atheist-benevolent
  8. After the unsuccessful ________, some of rebels fled to a neighboring country, thinking, mistakenly, that they would be given asylum, but they were ________ and ultimately executed.
    1. insurrection-extradited
    2. rebellion-harbored
    3. coup-suborned
    4. abdication-charged
    5. resurgence-segregated
  9. People who have a (n) ________ hypnosis sometimes refuse to be hypnotized because they are afraid that the hypnotist will plant ________ messages in their minds that will cause them to act in uncharacteristic ways once they come out of trance.
    1. awareness of-dubious
    2. predilection for-coded
    3. aversion to-subliminal
    4. affinity for-tentative
    5. fear of-disparate
  10. In striving for ________, the author incorporates so many details of her own childhood that many readers will ________ that this account is an autobiography masquerading as fiction.
    1. popularity-complain
    2. perfection-anticipate
    3. effect-concur
    4. realism-admit
    5. verisimilitude-speculate

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