CLAT Mode of Admission

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Admission to LLB Courses

The general principle of admission to LLB Courses through CLAT will not change i.e.. . Merit cum preference. The institute-wise preferences shall be availed from the candidates in the application form itself. The first merit list of the candidates will be made available to the respective participating institute as per merit cum preference basis. This list institute-wise allotment will be declared with the announcement of the result itself and the candidates will be asked to deposit their full fees with the respective Law Schools or Universities allotted to them. The eligibility criteria will be checked by the respective Law Schools or Universities at the time of admission.

In case a vacancy exists in any Law School or University after completion of the formalities pertaining to the First List, the second merit list will be declared consisting the list of re-shuffled candidates. If any candidate who has deposited fee earlier is shifted to other Law Schools or Universities of higher preference; thereafter his or her aggregate fees will be transferred and any difference in the fees shall be taken care of by the desired Law School or University where the candidate is ultimately allotted a seat.

All offers of admission by CLAT-2012 shall be provisional and shall not create any right to admission in regard of a candidate. CLAT-2012 will not be liable for any expenses incurred by the candidate on travel etc.

Under any consequences there shall be no change of University after the admission of candidate in the University.

Admission to LLM Courses

Regarding the admission to LLM Courses, admission procedure will be completed by the respective institutes based on the scores of the candidates in CLAT-2012. The CLAT-2012 will publish the general merit list and also category wise merit list. After the results got declared, the candidates need to give an application regarding the purpose of admission to institute (s) of his or her choice in the format to be made available online on the CLAT website: CLAT. Score card, information letter and application Proforma will be sent to individual student. The filled in application may be sent by either email or hardcopy within a stipulated time period 20 clear days from the date of results declaration. The last-date will be clearly mentioned on the CLAT website. No application fee in there in this context. The eligibility, reservations etc will be ascertained and checked by the respective institute. Also, the merit of the candidates in each category will be ascertained completely based on the scores in CLAT-2012.