Following is the Procedure Mentioned for the Admission Against NRI/NRI Sponsored Seats

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  1. The deserving as well as qualified non-resident Indian candidates need to apply through CLAT-2012 for the seats advertised in CLAT-2012 Brochure by NLU, Jodhpur for NRI or NRI Sponsored category.
  2. Admission of the candidates will be done on the basis of a preference-cum-merit i.e.. . Preference of the University opted and merit achieved by them in CLAT 2012.
  3. If in case no NRI or NRI sponsored candidates is present on the last date of admission, Ultimately the remaining empty seats shall be filled on the basis of merit treating the vacant seats as unreserved seats.
  4. The qualified candidates who are keenly interested in getting admission against the NRI seats need to submit following mentioned documents during the time of counseling or admission:
    1. Qualifying examination marksheet. If the Board or University from which candidate has passed his qualifying examination award marks in grade system, then the formula for conversion of grade into of that country.
    2. Candidates who have passed the qualifying examination from a county other than India need to submit a certificate from the Indian Embassy/Indian Consulate or Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi to the effect that the examination passed is similar to the qualifying examination of Indian System
    3. Nationality proof
    4. Certificate from Indian Embassy, or Indian consulate of the country where non-resident Indian is residing be submitted to the effect that the Father or Mother (legal guardian, if in case the parents died) the candidate or candidate himself is non-resident Indian
    5. A true verified copy of the passport accredited by the Indian Embassy or Indian consulate of the Country, where non-resident Indian is residing
    6. Transfer and Character certificate from the Institution last attended
  5. In case of NRI sponsored candidates:
    1. At least one of the parents of such candidates should be non-resident Indian and shall ordinarily be residing abroad as non-resident Indian
    2. The person who sponsors the candidate for admission should be a first degree relation of a student and should be ordinarily residing abroad as an non-resident Indian
    3. If the candidate is orphan, has no parents, relatives or take as a ward by some other closest relative such candidate also may be considered for admission provided the guardian has bonafide treated the student as a ward and such guardian shall file an affidavit mentioning the interest in the education field of the candidate and also his relationship with the candidate and such person also should be a non-resident.

    Indian and ordinarily residing abroad.

  6. For more detailed information, the candidates need to go through with the brochure of the respective institutions.

Cancellation of Admission of NRI or NRI Sponsored Candidates

At any point of time, it is found that a candidate got admission in the institution based on false or incorrect information or by not disclosing crucial facts or the admission was given to the candidate because of some error or confusion, the admission that is being granted to such candidate shall be liable to get cancelled, without any prior notice and at any time meanwhile his course and studies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • If candidate maternal uncle is NRI & is also sponsoring his studies, can he apply for NRI quota admissions?

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    1 Answer

    You must have an NRI status in order to apply under NRI quota admissions. For NRI Sponsored seats, one of the parents must have a non-resident status.

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  • I want to know to how to apply for diverted NRI seats which are vacant and has been diverted to general quota in CLAT 2015.What procedure is followed to apply for those seats.

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    1 Answer

    If the NRI seats remain vacant, these seats will be filled in order of merit considering these as an unreserved seats. You need not to apply again.

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