CLAT General Knowledge Sample Questions

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CLAT General Knowledge Sample Question Types

  1. Since the commencement of the Indian Constitution on 26 January, 1950, how many persons have occupied the august office of the President of India?
    1. 9
    2. 10
    3. 11
    4. 12

    Answer: a

  2. Which of the following articles empowers the High Court to issue writs for enforcement of Fundamental Rights?
    1. Article 225
    2. Article 226
    3. Article 227
    4. Article 228

    Answer: b

  3. The Government of India Act, 1935, envisaged the introduction of
    1. dyarchical form of government
    2. federal form of government
    3. republican form of government
    4. unitary form of government

    Answer: b

  4. Which of the following are Financial Committees of Parliament in India?
    1. Public Accounts Committee
    2. Estimates Committee
    3. Committee on Public Undertakings
      1. 1 and 3
      2. 1 and 2
      3. 2 and 3
      4. 1,2 and 3

    Answer: d

  5. Which of the following are the circumstances under which an elected member of Parliament may be disqualified on the ground of defection?
    1. If he voluntarily gives up his membership of a political party
    2. If he votes or abstains from voting contrary to any direction issued by his political party without prior permission of the political party
    3. If he speaks against the political party
    4. If he joins a political party other than the party on whose ticket he contested and got elected.

    Answer: d

  6. The Union Territory of Mizoram was formed out of the north-eastern territories of Assam in 1962. Full status of “State” was conferred upon it in
    1. 1980
    2. 1982
    3. 1985
    4. 1987

    Answer: c

  7. The name of the laccadive, Minicoy and Amindivi Islands was changed to Lakshadweep by an Act of Parliament in
    1. 1970
    2. 1971
    3. 1972
    4. 1973

    Answer: d

  8. The full status of “State” was conferred upon the Union Territories of Manipur and Tripura in
    1. 1970
    2. 1971
    3. 1972
    4. 1973

    Answer: c

  9. At the end of 1995, the Union of India composed of
    1. 25 States and 8 Union Territories
    2. 25 States and 7 Union Territories
    3. 26 States and 7 Union Territories
    4. 26 States and 8 Union Territories

    Answer: b

  10. Which one of the following does not constitute the electoral college for electing the President of India?
    1. Elected members of the Legislative Council
    2. Elected members of the Legislative Assembly of each state
    3. Elected members of the Lok Sabha
    4. Elected members of the Rajya Sabha

    Answer: a

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