Mock Tests CLAT Common Law Admission Test Mock Test 1 Part 12

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141. Four groups of letters are given below.

Three of them are alike in a certain way while one is different. Choose the odd one.





Ans: (c)

142. Arrange the given words in order in which they occur in the dictionary and then choose the correct sequence.

(1) Dissipate

(2) Dissuade

(3) Disseminate

(4) Distract

(5) Dissociate

(6) Dissect

(a) 6, 3, 1,5, 2,4

(b) 1, 6, 3,2, 4,5

(c) 3, 6, 1,2, 5,4

(d) 4, 6, 3,1, 5,2

Ans: (a)

Directions (Q. Nos. 143 to 151) Read the following information for answering the questions that follow — On a playing ground A, B, C, D and E are standing as described below facing the North.

(i) B is 50 meters to the right of D.

(ii) A is 60 meters to the South of B.

(iii) C is 40 meters to the West of D.

(iv) E is 80 meters to the North of A.

143. If a boy walks from C, meets D followed by B, A and then E, how many meters has he walked if he has travelled the straight distance all through?

(a) 120

(b) 150

(c) 170

(d) 230

Ans: (d)

144. What is the minimum distance (in meter approximately) between C and E?

(a) 53

(b) 78

(c) 92

(d) 120

Ans: (c)

145. Who is to the South-East of the person who is to the left of D?

(a) A

(b) B

(c) C

(d) E

Ans: (a)

146. Three of the following four are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?

(a) 156

(b) 152

(c) 72

(d) 42

Ans: (b)

147. If Thursday was the day after the day before yesterday five days ago, what is the least number of days ago when Sunday was three days before the day after tomorrow?

(a) 1

(b) 2

(c) 3

(d) 4

Ans: (d)

148. Three of the following four have similar relationship and hence form a group. Which one does not belong to the group?





Ans: (a)

149. If the English Alphabet series is written in the reverse order and every alternate letter starting from Y is dropped, which letter will be exactly in the middle of the remaining letters of the Alphabet series?

(a) L

(b) O

(c) M

(d) N

Ans: (d)

150. If the letters in each of the following five groups of letters are first rearranged in the alphabetical order and then the groups of letters so formed are rearranged as in a dictionary, which letter group would have its group of letters in the MIDDLE among the five letter-groups?


(a) LACK

(b) MEET

(c) ROAD

(d) DEAF

Ans: (c)