Mock Tests CLAT Common Law Admission Test Mock Test 1 Part 13

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151. A cow runs 20 m towards East and turns to right, runs 10 m and turns to right, runs 9 m and again turns to left, runs 5 m and then turns to left, runs 12 m and finally turns to left and runs 6 m Now which direction is the cow facing?

(a) North

(b) East

(c) South

(d) West

Ans: (a)

Directions (Q. Nos. 152 to 156) In each of the following questions choose the set of numbers from the four alternative sets that is similar to the given set.

152. Given set (4,9, 18)

(a) (8,14, 22)

(b) (10,15, 25)

(c) (6,12, 23)

(d) (12,17, 26)

Ans: (d)

153. Given set (10,14, 17)

(a) (4,11, 14)

(b) (9,12, 15)

(c) (8,13, 18)

(d) (6,9, 12)

Ans: (a)

154. Given set (7,27, 55)

(a) (21,35, 52)

(b) (18,42, 65)

(c) (16,40, 72)

(d) (13,30, 58)

Ans: (c)

155. Given set (39,28, 19)

(a) (84,67, 52)

(b) (52,25, 17)

(c) (70,49, 36)

(d) (65,45, 21)

Ans: (a)

156. Given set (246,257, 358)

(a) (233,343, 345)

(b) (273,365, 367)

(c) (143,226, 237)

(d) (145,235, 325)

Ans: (a)

Directions (Q. Nos. 157 to 165) Read the following passage carefully and answers the questions given below it.

A group of seven friends, A, B, C, D, E, F and G work as Economist, Agriculture Officer, IT Officer, Terminal Operator, Clerk, Forex Officer and Research Analyst, for Banks L, M, N; P, Q, R and S but not necessarily in the same order. C works for Bank N and is neither a Research Analyst nor a Clerk. E is an IT Officer and works for Bank R. A works as Forex Officer and does not work for Bank L or Q. The one who is an Agriculture Officer works for Bank M. The one who works for Bank L works as a Terminal Operator. F works for Bank Q. G works for Bank P as a Research Analyst. D is not an Agriculture Officer.

157. Who amongst the following works as an Agriculture Officer?

(a) C

(b) B

(c) F

(d) D

Ans: (b)

158. What is the profession of C?

(a) Terminal operator

(b) Agriculture officer

(c) Economist

(d) Cannot be determined

Ans: (c)

159. For which Bank does B work?

(a) M

(b) S

(c) L

(d) Either M or S

Ans: (a)

160. What is the profession of the person who works for Bank S?

(a) Clerk

(b) Agriculture officer

(c) Terminal operator

(d) Forex officer

Ans: (d)

161. For which Bank does D work?

(a) Q

(b) L

(c) N

(d) S

Ans: (b)

162. Who amongst the following works as a Clerk?

(a) C

(b) B

(c) F

(d) D

Ans: (c)

163. Which of the following combinations of person, profession and bank is correct?

(a) A-Forex Officer-M

(b) D-Clerk-L

(c) F-Agriculture Officer-Q

(d) None of these

Ans: (d)