Mock Tests CLAT Common Law Admission Test Mock Test 1 Part 4

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Directions (Q. Nos. 39 to 40) In the following questions, you have a brief passage with two questions following the passage. Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives and indicate your correct alternative.

A whole generation of Indians gave up everything and spent their lives in fighting in British in Gandhi՚s way without hurting, without violence, without hatred. The hope that India would one day be free kept them going through very difficult times and gave them courage. When millions of people want the same thing very much, it is a great force which even the most powerful army cannot oppose.

39. The demand for freedom became a ‘great force’ . What is the reason for it?

(a) Great leaders gave the call for freedom

(b) Millions of people wanted to get freedom

(c) The British rule did not permit any freedom

(d) Freedom is a noble ideal

Ans: (d)

40. Which is the ‘most powerful army’ referred to in the passage?

(a) The powerful army of the Government of India

(b) The powerful army of the British

(c) Any powerful army fighting against the wishes of millions of people

(d) The army formed by the freedom Fighters

Ans: (c)

41. What is the colour of the Chakra (wheel) of India՚s National Flag?

(a) Light blue

(b) Blue-black

(c) Navy blue

(d) Dark green

Ans: (c)

42. The National Emblem of India was adopted on

(a) 15th August 1947

(b) 26th January 1950

(c) 26th January 1957

(d) 15th August 1950

Ans: (b)

43. Which of the following is not an agency of UN?

(a) World Health Organization

(b) Food and Agricultural Organization

(c) International Committee of the Red Cross

(d) International Monetary Fund

Ans: (c)

44. Who was the first Prime Minister of India who did not face the Parliament during his tenure?

(a) Morarji Desai

(b) Gulzari Lal Nanda

(c) Charan Singh

(d) Lal Bahadur Shastri

Ans: (c)

45. The Indian Red Cross Society was established in the year

(a) 1932

(b) 1920

(c) 1945

(d) 1890

Ans: (b)

46. Who is Daniel Redcliff?

(a) A news anchor

(b) A novelist

(c) Central character of the film-series of Harry Potter

(d) None of the above

Ans: (c)

47. Which one is a well-known film critic?

(a) Khalid Qureshi

(b) Khalid Mohammad

(c) Ashutosh Rana

(d) Jaspal Rana

Ans: (b)

48. Which one of the following films is not a remake?

(a) Don

(b) Umrao Jaan

(c) Lagaan

(d) Sholay

Ans: (c)

49. Which of the following pair is incorrectly matched?

(a) N Ram — The Hindu

(b) Barkha Dutt — Zee News

(c) Pranav Roy — NDTV 24 X 7

(d) Prabhu Chawla — Aaj Tak

Ans: (b)

50. First Indian feature film ‘Harishchandra’ was produced in the year

(a) 1931

(b) 1913

(c) 1923

(d) 1919

Ans: (b)

51. Sting Operation relates to

(a) Surgery for Scorpion Bite

(b) Implanting Artificial Hairs

(c) Investigative Journalism

(d) TV Reality Show

Ans: (d)