Mock Tests CLAT Common Law Admission Test Mock Test 1 Part 7

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80. The most significant Act which declared that the sovereignty of the British Empire in India was in the hands of the British Crown was

(a) the Company՚s Charter Act of 1833

(b) the Company՚s Charter Act of 1853

(c) the Indian Council Act of 1861

(d) the Indian Council Act of 1892

Ans: (a)

81. The Indian National Congress was formed during the Governor General ship of

(a) Lord Ripon

(b) Lord William Bentinck

(c) Lord Dufferin

(d) Lord Curzon

Ans: (c)

82. To take care of the conquered lands, Mohammad Ghori left behind his trusted General

(a) Nasiruddin

(b) Iltutmish

(c) Qutbuddin Aibak

(d) Malik Kafur

Ans: (c)

83. The famous city of Bhopal was founded by the Rajput ruler

(a) Prithviraj Chauhan

(b) Dharmapala

(c) Raja Bhola

(d) Jaichand

Ans: (c)

84. Setting up of which one of the following is not stated in the Constitution of India?

(a) Planning Commission

(b) Finance Commission

(c) Election Commission

(d) Union Public Service Commission

Ans: (a)

85. A Money Bill in the Parliament can be introduced only with the recommendation of the

(a) President of India

(b) Union Cabinet

(c) Speaker of the Lok Sabha

(d) Union Finance Minister

Ans: (a)

86. Panchayats at the intermediate level may not be constituted in a state, having a population less than

(a) Ten lakhs

(b) Fifteen lakhs

(c) Twenty lakhs

(d) Twenty-five lakhs

Ans: (c)

87. Who has been the only Lok Sabha Speaker to have become the President of India?

(a) Gyani Zail Singh

(b) VV Giri

(c) Neelam Sanjiva Reddy

(d) KR Narayanan

Ans: (c)

88. Who among the following has not received a Nobel Prize in literature?

(a) Pablo Neruda

(b) Derek Walcott

(c) Ernest Hemingway

(d) Churchill

Ans: (d)

89. Which is the highest gallantry award in India?

(a) Param Vishishtat Seva Medal

(b) Param Vir Chakra

(c) Kirti Chakra

(d) Vir Chakra

Ans: (b)

90. In which state is the ‘Modhera’ sun Temple located?

(a) Gujarat

(b) Andhra Pradesh

(c) Maharashtra

(d) Madhya Pradesh

Ans: (d)

91. Which is true about the following statement?

(a) Charge-sheet is signed by complainant only

(b) Charge-sheet is signed by both complainant and opposite party

(c) Charge-sheet is signed by the Investigating Officer and sent to court

(d) Charge-sheet is signed by Magistrate only

Ans: (a)

92. The State shall provide free and compulsory education to all children of the age of six to fourteen years

(a) under Article 21

(b) under Article 32

(c) under Article 21A

(d) under Article 14

Ans: (b)

93. According to the Constitution of India, concentration of wealth violates

(a) the Directive Principles

(b) the Concept of the Welfare State

(c) the Spirit of the Constitution

(d) the Right to Freedom

Ans: (c)