Mock Tests CLAT Common Law Admission Test Mock Test 3 Part 10

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121. In case of gift, the done dies before acceptance, then

(a) gift is voidable

(b) gift is valid

(c) gift is void

(d) None of these

Ans: (c)

122. Amongst the following who is not a Revenue Officer as defined under the Madhya Pradesh Land Revenue Code?

(a) Commissioner

(b) Collector

(c) Settlement Officer

(d) Chairman, Board of Revenue

Ans: (d)

123. The member of a State Public Service Commission can be removed on the ground of misbehavior only after an enquiry has been conducted by the

(a) Supreme Court of India

(b) High Court of the State

(c) Committee Appointed by the President

(d) None of the above

Ans: (b)

124. A Bhumiswami can seek partition of his agricultural land amongst his legal heirs during his lifetime by applying to the

(a) Patwari

(b) Village Kotwar

(c) Tahsildar

(d) Superintendent of Land Record

Ans: (c)

125. Which amongst the following is not the duty of a Patel appointed under the Madhya Pradesh Land Revenue Code?

(a) To collect and pay Land Revenue into the Gram Kosh

(b) To furnish reports regarding State of his village

(c) To prevent encroachment on waste land, public path, and roadways

(d) To maintain land records

Ans: (d)

126. A mortgage by deposit of title deed is called

(a) Anomalous mortgage

(b) English mortgage

(c) Equitable mortgage

(d) Usufructuary mortgage

Ans: (c)

127. Which of the following is not an actionable claim?

(a) Right to a Provident Fund Account

(b) Promise to pay ₹ 500 if the promise succeed in LLB examination

(c) An agreement to pay ₹ 500 if the promise marries a particular woman

(d) Right to claim benefit of a contract coupled with a liability

Ans: (d)

128 … is defined as a security for repayment of a loan.

(a) Pledge

(b) Mortgage

(c) Lease

(d) None of these

Ans: (b)

129. The normal term of office of a member nominated to a Gram Nyayalaya constituted under the Madhya Pradesh Gram Nyayalaya Adhiniyam 1996 is

(a) two years

(b) three years

(c) five years

(d) six years

Ans: (c)

130. The Preamble says that the State in India will assure the dignity of the individual. The Constitution seeks to achieve this object by guarantying

(a) equal Fundamental Rights to each citizen

(b) the right to adequate means of livelihood to each individual

(c) just and humane conditions of work to each individual

(d) equal wages for equal work to each individual irrespective of sex

Ans: (a)

Directions (Q. Nos. 131 to 135) Given below is a statement of legal principle, followed by a factual situation. Apply the principle to the facts and select the most appropriate answer among the alternatives given.

131. Principle No legal remedy exists for an injury caused by an act, for which one has consented. Facts The driver of a van with restive horses cried for help. The plaintiff went and attempted to hold the horse, but it throw him on the ground causing him injuries, in respect of which he sued the defendant.

(a) The suit is dismissed because the plaintiff must have known that his attempt to hold the horse with the risk

(b) The suit is not dismissed, and plaintiff must be compensated because driver cry for help and he is in problem

(c) Plaintiff should be able to recover as the driver failed to take precautions of horse

(d) Plaintiff should not be able to recover as he consented to the risk

Ans: (a)

132. Principle A master is liable for the wrongs committed by the servant in the course of his employment Facts During the Poonam celebrations which was attended by lakhs of people, the plaintiff was seriously injured by the explosion caused by igniting explosive powder filled coconut shells. During the festival, all sorts of explosion are fired, and fireworks mark the Poonam celebrations. Many contractors are engaged to make the explosive devices. During the celebrations, one shell, instead of going vertically into the sky fell tangentially on the crowd and injured the plaintiff.

(a) Master is liable because it is fault of employees who had made the coconut shells known as Minnal gundus

(b) Master is not liable because plaintiff is a volunteer and that he has come to watch the celebrations

(c) Master is not liable because it is fault of employees

(d) Master is not liable because employees had been taken care in handling the explosive

Ans: (a)