Mock Tests CLAT Common Law Admission Test Mock Test 3 Part 4

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39. (1) The farmer wanted to please the men.

(P) The poor donkey struggled and kicked. (Q) They tied his legs together and slung him on a pole.

(R) The farmer and his son put the ends of the pole on their shoulders (S) He and his son got off the donkey.

(6) They walked into the town carrying the donkey.

(a) PQRS

(b) SQRP

(c) RSQP

(d) QSPR

Ans: (b)

40. (1) The wife is

(P) not the husband՚s slave

(Q) but his companion and his helpmate

(R) and an equal partner

(S) in all his joys and sorrows,

(6) as free as the husband to choose her own path.

(a) QRSP

(b) PRQS

(c) QSRP

(d) PQRS

Ans: (d)

41. Who composed the National Song of India?

(a) Rabindranath Tagore

(b) Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

(c) Shri Aurobindo

(d) Mahatma Gandhi

Ans: (b)

42. The first date of our National Calendar corresponds to which date of the Gregorian Calendar?

(a) 1st April 1950

(b) 22nd March 1950

(c) 22nd March 1957

(d) 31st March 1957

Ans: (b)

43. The TV ad of Fair & Lovely presented which well-known cricket personality doing commentary?

(a) Sunil Gavaskar

(b) Sachin Tendulkar

(c) Ravi Shastri

(d) K Srikant

Ans: (d)

44. ‘You said it’ , the pocket cartoon in ‘Times of India’ is the composition of

(a) Sudhir Dar

(b) Sudhir Tailang

(c) RK Lakshman

(d) RK Narayanan

Ans: (c)

45. ‘Reuter’ is

(a) a news agency

(b) a newspaper

(c) a TV channel

(d) a monthly magazine

Ans: (a)

46. Employment News is published by

(a) Publications Division

(b) Press Information Bureau

(c) Ministry of Employment

(d) DAVP

Ans: (c)

47. Gyan darshan and Gyanvani are

(a) house magazines of Door darshan and Aakashvani

(b) divisions of Prasar Bharti

(c) interactive educative broadcast of IGNOU

(d) broadcast for teachers

Ans: (d)

48. Which one is not a journalist?

(a) MJ Akbar

(b) Pranoy Roy

(c) Shahid Kapoor

(d) Sayeed Naqvi

Ans: (c)

49. ‘Times of India’ is a member of the following publication group

(a) Bennet and Coleman

(b) Express

(c) Living Media

(d) Malayala Manorama

Ans: (d)

50. Author of ‘Dwikhandita’ is

(a) Sharat Chandra

(b) Taslima Nasreen

(c) Jhumpa Lahiri

(d) None of the above

Ans: (b)

51. A branch of Indian Institute of Mass Communication has recently been established at

(a) Sambalpur

(b) Dhenkanal

(c) Bhubaneshwar

(d) Mayurbhanj

Ans: (c)