Mock Tests CLAT Common Law Admission Test Mock Test 4 Part 12

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154. A man was walking in the evening just before the Sun set. His wife said that, his shadow fell on his right. If the wife was walking in the opposite direction of the man, then which direction the wife was facing?

(a) North

(b) West

(c) South

(d) East

Ans: (c)

155. Choose that set of numbers from the four alternative sets, which is similar to the given set.

Given set (246,257, 358)

(a) (145,235, 325)

(b) (143,253, 246)

(c) (273,365, 367)

(d) (233,343, 345)

Ans: (a)

156. Three of the following four are alike in a certain way and hence form a group. Which one of the following does not belong to that group?

(a) 7

(b) 9

(c) 17

(d) 33

Ans: (b)

157.136 vehicles are parked in a parking lot in a single row. After the first car there is one scooter. After the second car, there are two scooters. After the third car, there are three scooters and so on. Work out the number of scooters in the second half of the row.

(a) 61

(b) 62

(c) 63

(d) 64

Ans: (c)

158. Find the odd man out.

(a) MOndAy

(b) tUESdAy

(c) WEdNESdAy

(d) ThUrSdAy

Ans: (b)

Directions (Q. Nos. 159 to 163) Find out the missing term in the following letter-number series.

159. H 4 W, I 18 V, K 48 T, N 100 Q? W 294 H

(a) P 1485 S

(b) R 180 M

(c) S 198 I

(d) T 206 K

Ans: (b)

160.1 ED, 2 FD, 3 KH? 15 KG, 48 KF

(a) 12 PX

(b) 6 RI

(c) 9 LV

(d) 8 TQ

Ans: (b)

161. M 4, T 7, P 7, Q 10, S 10, N 13? K 16

(a) V 4

(b) K 7

(c) T 13

(d) G 15

Ans: (c)

162. R 5 P, T 6 M, V 9 J, X 15 G?

(a) A 12 L

(b) I 18 X

(c) Z 25 D

(d) U 20 Q

Ans: (c)

163. DGK 0, GKP 3? PVC 15

(a) GKV 5

(b) KPV 8

(c) PVZ 9

(d) KPU 11

Ans: (b)

164. Seema correctly remembers that she took leave after 21st October and before 27th October. Her colleague Rita took leave on 23rd October, but Seema was present on that day. If 24th October was a public holiday and 26th October was Sunday, on which day in October did Seema take leave?

(a) 22nd October

(b) 25th October

(c) 22nd or 25th October

(d) Data inadequate

Ans: (c)

165. If ‘A X D’ means ‘A is the sister of D’ , ‘A + D’ means ‘D is the daughter of A’ and ‘A/D’ means ‘A is the mother of D’ , then how will N is the aunt of M be denoted?

(a) M + L x N

(b) M/L + N

(c) L x N/M

(d) N x L/M

Ans: (d)