Mock Tests CLAT Common Law Admission Test Mock Test 4 Part 7

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78. The Parliament can make law for the whole or any part of India for implementing international treaties

(a) with the consent of all the states

(b) with the consent of majority of states

(c) with the consent of states concerned

(d) without the consent of any state

Ans: (d)

79. Rajya Sabha can delay the Finance Bill sent for its consideration by the Lok Sabha for a maximum period of

(a) one month

(b) one year

(c) seven days

(d) fourteen days

Ans: (d)

80. Ras Leela, Yaosang, Lai Haraoba are the festivals of

(a) Assamese people

(b) Karbi people

(c) Manipuri people

(d) Bodo people

Ans: (c)

81. Who was the founder of sultanate of Gujarat?

(a) Ahmad Shah

(b) Muhammad Shah

(c) Dilawar Khan

(d) Zafar Khan

Ans: (d)

82. The ‘Ajivikas’ were a

(a) sect contemporary to the Mahavira

(b) breakaway branch of the Buddhists

(c) sect founded by Charvaka

(d) sect founded by Shankaracharya

Ans: (a)

83. What does the Constitution (Ninety Second Amendment) Act, 2003 deal with?

(a) Creation of a separate National Commission for Scheduled Tribes

(b) Cyber Crime

(c) Inclusion of Bodo, Dogri, Maithili and Santhali languages in the Eighth Schedule

(d) Making right to free and compulsory education a fundamental right

Ans: (c)

84. Which type of ancient script did the Harappans use?

(a) Pictographic

(b) Linear

(c) Hieroglyphic

(d) Symbolic

Ans: (a)

85. What is the name of the major base of Indian Navy at Karwar?

(a) INS Kadamba

(b) INS Vikram Aditya

(c) INS Harshvardhan

(d) INS Kushan

Ans: (a)

86. Saraswathi Samman is given annually for outstanding contribution to

(a) classical music

(b) education

(c) literature

(d) fine arts

Ans: (c)

87. Which is the oldest paramilitary force in the country?

(a) Border Security Force (BSF)

(b) Assam Rifles

(c) Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP)

(d) Coast Guard

Ans: (b)

88. The ‘Cannes Award’ is given for excellence in which field?

(a) Films

(b) Journalism

(c) Literature

(d) Economics

Ans: (a)

89. Which of the following countries is not a member of Group 15 developing countries?

(a) Mexico

(b) Malaysia

(c) Brazil

(d) Bolivia

Ans: (d)

90. The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) is located at which of the following places?

(a) Geneva

(b) Rome

(c) Paris

(d) Vienna

Ans: (a)

91. What does the abbreviation POTA means

(a) Prevention of Terrorism Act

(b) Prevention of Terrorists Act

(c) Punishment of Terrorists Act

(d) None of the above

Ans: (a)