Mock Tests CLAT Common Law Admission Test Mock Test 5 Part 4

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41. Which among the following is the correct pair of India՚s National Animal and National Flower?

(a) Lion/Rose

(b) Cow/Lotus

(c) Tiger/Lotus

(d) Lion/Lotus

Ans: (c)

42. The National Flag was first presented to the nation on behalf of women of India at the midnight session of the Assembly on

(a) 15th August 1947

(b) 14th August 1947

(c) 26th January 1947

(d) 15th August 1950

Ans: (b)

43. Who was the first Indian who climbed Mount Everest twice?

(a) Nwang Gombhu

(b) Phu Dorjee

(c) Tenzing Norgay

(d) None of these

Ans: (a)

44. From where has the design of the wheel on white band of Indian National Flag been taken?

(a) Throne of Ashoka the Great

(b) Charkha, the symbol of Khadi movement

(c) Abacus of the Sarnath Lion Capital of Ashoka

(d) Symbol of industrialization

Ans: (c)

45. Which of the following statements is correct in respect of our National Song?

(a) Both National Song and National Anthem were written simultaneously

(b) National Song is older than our National Anthem

(c) Author of National Song and National Anthem is the same

(d) None of the above

Ans: (b)

46. What is the ratio of the width (proportion) of our National Flag to its length?

(a) 1: 2

(b) 1: 4

(c) 2: 5

(d) 2: 3

Ans: (d)

47. ‘TASS’ is

(a) Russian news agency

(b) Russian newspaper

(c) Chinese magazine

(d) Russian TV

Ans: (a)

48. Which of the following is not a broadcasting channel?

(a) Voice of America

(b) CNN

(c) ABC

(d) CBA

Ans: (d)

49. Who is not a radio/TV anchor?

(a) Rajdeep Sardesai

(b) Akhil Mittal

(c) Rajat Sharma

(d) Kshma Sharma

Ans: (d)

50. Which one of the following is a 24 h English business news channel?

(a) CNBC

(b) Zee News

(c) India News

(d) NDTV 24 x 7

Ans: (a)

51. What is URL?

(a) Uniform Resource Locator

(b) Unified Resources Lan

(c) Unique Readable Language

(d) Users Recall Language

Ans: (a)

52. The first newspaper published from India was

(a) Bengal Gazette

(b) Bombay Chronicle

(c) Punjab Kesari

(d) Times of India

Ans: (a)

53. What is said to be an ‘uncontrolled medium’ ?

(a) Cinema

(b) Theatre

(c) TV

(d) Computer

Ans: (d)

54. First Indian feature film was

(a) Raja Harishchandra

(b) Mahabharat

(c) Bhakt Prahalad

(b) Bharat Darshan

Ans: (a)