Mock Tests CLAT Common Law Admission Test Mock Test 5 Part 7

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83. Two principal monuments of Alauddin Khalji՚s reign the Jamaat Khana Masjid and Alai-Darwaja were constructed at

(a) Hyderabad

(b) Mysore

(c) Delhi

(d) Agra

Ans: (c)

84. Which of the following materials was used in the manufacture of Harappan seals?

(a) Terracotta

(b) Bronze

(c) Copper

(d) Iron

Ans: (a)

85. What is the period of appointment of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India?

(a) 6 year

(b) 6 year or 65 year of age whichever is earlier

(c) up to 65 year of age

(d) up to 64 year of age

Ans: (b)

86. The Finance Commission is primarily Concerned with recommending to the President about

(a) the principle governing grants in aid to be given to the States

(b) distributing the net proceeds of the taxes between the Centre and the States

(c) Neither ‘a’ nor ‘b’

(d) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

Ans: (d)

87. First Indian to make a speech in Hindi before the UN General Assembly is

(a) Moraji Desai

(b) AB Vajpayee

(c) Lal Bahadur Shastri

(d) Lal Krishna Advani

Ans: (b)

88. The first Indian to receive Noble Prize in Literature was

(a) Mother Teresa

(b) CV Raman

(c) Rabindranath Tagore

(d) Sarojini Naidu

Ans: (c)

89. BC Roy Award is given in the field of

(a) music

(b) journalism

(c) medicine

(d) environment

Ans: (c)

90. Headquarters of the World Health Organization is located at

(a) Geneva

(b) Washington DC

(c) New York

(d) Rome

Ans: (a)

91. FIR stands for

(a) Fact Information Report

(b) Further Information Report

(c) Frequent Information Report

(d) First Information Report

Ans: (d)

92. The Law declared by the Supreme Court of India is binding upon all the courts subordinate to it in India

(a) under Article 141 of the Constitution of India

(b) under Article 139 of the Constitution of India

(c) under Article 132 of the Constitution of India

(d) None of the above


93. The Supreme Court of India reviews its own Judgement or Pronouncement under

(a) Article 137

(b) Article 132

(c) Article 139

(d) Article 141


94. The writ by which a High Court or the Supreme Court can secure the body of a person who has been imprisoned to be brought before it is

(a) Certiorari

(b) Habeas Corpus

(c) Mandamus

(d) Quo Warrantor

Ans: (b)

95. A decree may be executed by

(a) Tehsildar

(b) Collector

(c) District Judge

(d) either by the court which passed it or to which it is sent

Ans: (d)

96. Which of the following is included in the term ‘living person’ under Section 5 of the Transfer of Property Act?

(a) A company

(b) An association

(c) Body of individuals

(d) All of the above

Ans: (d)