How to Prepare for CLAT 2022

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Some of the must to know tips for CLAT examination are:

  • Be thorough with GK and current affairs for last one year
  • Make notes whenever possible on news highlights
  • Try to appear for as many mock tests as possible
  • At the last minute focus on problematic portions
  • Legal reasoning is a tie breaker and try to prepare that section with utmost dedication
  • Be confident about what you have learnt and what you know, dont get confused at the last moment
  • Dont get demoralized by your colleagues or friends preparation
  • Avoid discussing questions with friends just few days before the examination.
  • Sleep for minimum of 8 hours before the examination
  • Carry your admit card to avoid last minute chaos.
  • REach the center atleast 45 minutes before the examination
  • Relax on entering the examination hall and try to focus
  • Read questions carefully before you start answering, this will help you avoid silly mistakes
  • If you want to complete the paper, then, do not waste more than 2 minutes on any question.
  • Do not waste your time and energy in comparing yourself with others.
  • Stay focused for just two more days. Stay concentrated.
  • Fill your OMR sheet properly.
  • Do a preliminary analysis of the question paper.