CLAT 2012 Solved Paper (Part 17 of 27)

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Instructions: Read the following information carefully and then answer the questions.

Four friends W, X, Y and Z are students of Class 10th . W and X are good in Hindi but poor in English. W and Y are good in Science but poor in Mathematics. Y and Z are good in English but poor in Social Studies. Z and X are good in Mathematics as well as in Science.

  1. Who amongst the following friends is not good in Mathematics but good in Hindi?
    1. W
    2. Y
    3. X
    4. Z

    Answer: a

  2. Which of the following pairs of friends are good, both in English and Science?
    1. W and Y
    2. W and Z
    3. Y and Z
    4. Z and X

    Answer: c

  3. Which of the following statements is definitely true?
    1. Y and Z are good in English as well as in Hindi
    2. All four friends are good in Science
    3. W is good in Social Studies, Hindi and Science
    4. Y is not good in Mathematics, Hindi and Social Studies

    Answer: b